Saturday, October 5, 2019

I Heard Your Voices, and I Left!

The other day a young lady pulled into the parking lot next to the awhc abortuary in Altamonte Springs (FL), got out of her car and walked over to the sidewalk counselors who were ministering.

She began to tell them that she had come to this particular abortion center 14 years ago, and had an abortion, and, 4 years ago returned for a second abortion.

Coming back the second time, she shared how there were 'people' standing out front 'like them' encouraging women to not have an abortion, and that there was help available.

She went on to say that she went inside the building anyway, but, while sitting in the waiting room, she began to hear voices outside the window speaking to all the women sitting inside waiting for their abortion.

As the voices continued to pour forth into the waiting room window pleading with the women to leave, and to protect their babies, she explained how she began to feel very convicted, so much so, that she stood up, and walked out, and never came back!
She shared how she didn't tell anyone, she just walked out the door, headed to her car, and drove out without telling the counselors that day that she had changed her mind, and why.

 Fast forward to this day that the young lady stopped by to speak with the Sidewalk Counselors....

She wanted them to know that what they were doing was the right thing, and to keep doing what they are doing!

She went on to say that everyday as she would drive her now four year old child to school right down the street, she would see 'people' out front, and would continually want to stop and talk with them!

On this particular day, she just had to stop and tell them thank you for what 'you' are doing, and that she wants to start coming out and doing the same thing to save lives.

That little four year old child was slated to die, but because people cared and spoke up for the rights and dignity of that baby.....he is alive today!!!!

 I write this to encourage everyone who stands in the gap for the unborn, pleading, counseling, preaching, worshiping in front of these places of death.....the women hear us, and many leave without ever telling us.

We must continue to be there as a voice crying out in the wilderness for these little ones whose rights have been stripped away, and denied the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We must be their voice, because they do not have a voice.

 Be encouraged, your presence in front of these death camps can save the lives of the little babes being led to the slaughter, your voice can penetrate into the heart of the mother leading her child to the slaughter!

When you get discouraged, cry out to the Lord to give you strength, and remember this woman, who four years later came back to tell her story of leaving that wretched abortuary, and how she drives her little one who is alive today because someone cared, to school right down the street!

We are HIS servants, doing HIS duty, how wonderful when we get a glimpse of the fruit of obedience.  Thank you Jesus, for you are great, and greatly to be praised!!!!!

"So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do."  Luke 17:10

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