Friday, November 13, 2015

Can a Sign and a Facebook Page Save a Life?

This afternoon I had the privilege of witnessing another incredible move of the Lord; with absolutely no mistaking, this miracle was from His mighty outstretched arm!  He parted the Red Sea, where there didn't seem to be a way!

Finding a private message from a woman on one of our Facebook pages, explaining that she is 16 weeks pregnant and in need of help, I immediately called the phone number she left.

She answered right away thanking me for calling her and began to explain how she had found the facebook page/us.  She shared how after finding out that she was pregnant with her fourth child, her husband out of work, and both of them Haitian and undocumented; she became panicked and began considering abortion, even though they are both Christians!  She convinced herself that this was the only solution, and the decision was made to get the abortion.

So, she got on her computer and googled for an abortion center in the Kissimmee area and found Planned Parenthood, but the site she pulled up wasn't PP Kissimmee, but STOP Planned Parenthood of Kissimmee, our site!

She began to look at all the pictures and noticed that all the people looked to be Christians holding crosses, signs against abortion, pictures of babies that had been killed by abortion, and one
particular sign that stood out to her, and that was one that said, "FREE HELP, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ABORT", with a phone number to call, which is the Pro-Life Action Ministries Central Florida ministry line!

After looking at the pictures of all the people/Christians, the signs, crosses, and the offer of free help and you don't have to abort, she told me, at that moment, she thought to herself, "What am I thinking?  What am I doing?  I'm a Christian and I can't kill my child, I can't do this!"

This is when she called the ministry number and left the message, which I found, and called.  I was able to speak with both her and her husband and both were very convicted at the thought of killing their child, and are now looking forward to seeing their baby on an ultrasound, which they will be having Monday, and I have the privilege of accompanying them.

How amazing is this?  Only God could have done something this magnificent, and once again, I am reminded that God uses so many different things to save a baby from the brutal death of abortion and to let us know that HE is God, and HE alone.  We only need to make ourselves available, willing and able!

Nothing is by accident; this abortion bound woman did not just happen to end up on the STOP Planned Parenthood  of Kissimmee facebook page, no, this was the Lord God Almighty and HE gets all the glory!

Yes, God used a sign and a facebook page to save this child's life and I praise HIM!

Since talking with this couple, I have felt such joy, joy unspeakable, and I am once again humbled that I serve such an incredible Savior!  No King, but King Jesus!

"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted."  Job 9:10

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Will Not Shout for the Abortions I Took Part In!

I've noticed a trend making it's way viral, and that is the hashtag #shoutyourabortion,

Well, let me get something straight, I WILL NOT SHOUT FOR THE ABORTIONS I TOOK PART IN!!!!!!

What I will shout about is how I was not a victim, that this very act  was sinful, selfish, and an act of murder.  Because of my utter rebellion and entering into a sinful lifestyle, little children lost their lives. 

And what I will never stop doing is praising my wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, for picking me up out of a deep pit of hell for the bloodshed I took part in.

I will always be thankful that HIS kindness led me to repentance, with weeping and sackcloth and
Nancy Miles with me as I weeped for my children at a
Memorial Service at New Covenant Church in 1991.

He washed me white as snow and I will never stop sharing HIM and HIS marvelous ways to a lost and dying world.

I will praise HIM for opening my eyes to HIS marvelous truth.  And I will never stop talking about how horrible abortion is, that it is an abomination before God Almighty and how very wrong I was for taking part in this bloodshed.

I will be there to try to rescue babies from impending death,

I will be a voice for the voiceless, and I will tirelessly continue to work toward  restoring personhood back to the unborn human beings.

I will press forward and keep my eyes on the prize of  seeing an end to this holocaust of abortion, I will settle for nothing less!

These aforementioned things are what I will shout about, and unashamedly!

I would encourage any of you, especially those of you in this battle that took part in this bloodshed, to come forward and share about it openly and make it known that you will not #shoutyourabortion/abortions!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

She won't listen, she is going to kill our child, and there isn't anything I can do about it........

While ministering at the EPOC abortuary  yesterday, I noticed a young man approaching me after I had asked him if he would come and speak with me.

As he got closer, I could see the turmoil he was in and the tears in his eyes.

I asked him if his girl was inside the abortion center, to which he said yes, with his head to the ground.

I asked him if this was his baby and again, struggling, he said yes.

This is when he began to tell me that he has and had been trying hard to talk her out of killing their baby.  He said that he told her that he would be there for the baby, for her, and do whatever it took; but she wouldn't listen, and now she was waiting for the abortionist to show up.

I told him, "you must not give up, you must go back in and try again."  He agreed, went back in, but within ten minutes he was out, and walked directly back to me. 

"She won't budge, she won't come out, she's bent on killing our child, there is nothing I can do!"

I asked if he knew God, if he ever went to church when he was younger, and right away, he told me he grew up in church, and knew full well what God felt about this, and he was sick to be there.  He told me that he could feel the evil in that place.

I told him that if after trying hard to save his baby, and her refusing, that if she wouldn't change her mind, he should leave, and the bloodshed would not be on his hands.  I also told him that today could be the day that he could totally surrender his life to Christ, even in the midst of what was happening.

With tears in his eyes and acknowledging and agreeing with what I said he walked to his car.

Shortly after that, I noticed another young man pacing back and forth with his head down.  I called to him and asked if he would come and speak with me, and to my surprise, he began to walk toward me and as he got closer, I could see the same turmoil as the other young man as well as tears in his eyes.

I asked him, "What's going on?  Do you have a girl inside waiting for an abortion?  Is this your baby?"  

"Yes, this is my baby!  I can't believe I am here, I know better!"

I asked him if he knew God and right away he said "Yes, I grew up in the pentecostal church, I know better."

I then said to him, "Then you know what God says about shedding innocent blood, and that HIS word says, Thou shalt not kill."

"Yes, I know, this is killing me, but she just won't listen to me.  I've asked her not to do this, I want this baby."

I told him, "You must try again, please go back in and get her out."  I gave him information, and he agreed to go back in and try to plead with her to not go through with killing their child.

Again, as with the other young man, he was inside for about ten minutes, came out and walked toward me with his head down.....I knew what this meant without him having to tell me.

"She won't listen, she is going to kill our child, and there isn't anything I can do about it."

I told him, that we could pray, which we did, and I also told him the same thing I told the other young man, that if she refused and continued on with her plan of killing their child, that he should leave to avoid bloodshed on his hands, and also that this could be the day that he truly surrendered his life completely to Christ, even in the midst of all of this death.

With tears in his eyes, he thanked me and headed for his car.

Unbelievably, a short time later, Miss Pat whom I was ministering with was talking with another young man, who, with tears in his eyes, was telling her that he had tried everything to stop his girl from having an abortion, but she wouldn't listen, and she was sitting inside this building of death.  

I gave him one of our brochures with all of the help available and told him to try again, to which he agreed as the other two young men did.

He went inside and came out a short while later, but, telling us she would not change her mind!  We could see the turmoil in this young man, he was truly torn apart and did not know what to do. 

Suddenly his abortion bound girl came out and I talked with her a bit, but she wouldn't budge and was determined to follow through with her plans of paying someone to stop the beating heart of their child.  
She went back inside and this young man stayed with us for the next hour.  We prayed with him, talked with him, but most of all really shared the true gospel of Christ with him, and just as with the other two men, I told him the same thing....."even in the midst of this horrible situation, and this death, this can be the day that you truly surrender your whole life to Jesus Christ.  This young man broke down before us confessing that he had grown up in the church as the other young men and had strayed away, and knew he had to make changes and surrender his whole being to Christ. 

This is when he told me he wanted to go back inside one more time and try to convince the mother of his child slated to die to not go through with the killing, and to speak with someone working in that place of death and let them know how he felt as a man.

We prayed for him as he went inside, hoping for a miracle, that this young lady would change her mind, but this did not happen....she stayed inside, bent on killing their baby.

But he did speak with someone in management and had them explain to him exactly what was going to happen to his baby, they even told him the baby would feel pain.  He then leaned against the counter and looked at her in his eyes and said, "How can you sleep at night?"

He came back out to us, trembling and very broken, we prayed again, and I shared with him the same I shared with the others, that if his girl wouldn't change her mind, he must leave to avoid the bloodshed on his hands.  

As I drove home, my heart ached for what we had experienced at that place of death yesterday.  It's not often that we see men in turmoil over their babies being killed.  Normally, the men are just about dragging the women inside and can't wait for the abortion to be over.  But, this morning, there were three broken men, all had strayed from God, and all pleading and begging with the mothers of their children to let their babies live, to not kill them.  Unless there was an intervention, these three men are now the father's of a dead child. 

The reality, unfortunately in our land right now is the fact that unborn human beings are the property of the mother, and NO human being should ever be the property of another.  Women absolutely decide who lives and who dies in this nation....this should never be, and must be changed.

I can only pray that this holocaust will end in our land, and that personhood would be restored for the most vulnerable, small and weak in our land.  God have mercy...... RISE UP OH YE MEN OF GOD!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Good Friday We Spent Praying Inside the Abortuary!

Good Friday always takes me back to the sweet cross which Christ willingly laid his life down upon, so that we may have life. It is a time to contemplate the tremendous sacrifice HE made so many years ago.  

This year as I headed down the road for our Good Friday Hour of Prayer & Praise, I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to go and sing praises to HIS name, read scripture and pray in front of a dark place of death; the Woman Care abortuary, owned by abortionist Ralph Bundy.

Upon arriving there was construction everywhere, but this did not stop us as we stood in the dirt
with tractors and trucks driving all around us as we sang to the King and read His precious word.  It wasn't a pretty place to be, it was dirty and noisy, but it didn't matter, we knew we were where we were supposed to be!

We had many people let us know they were thankful we were there, along with opportunities to really speak to people, even a precious Christian married couple who had a business in the complex with this abortuary.  They were horrified at the thought of this place of death being there, and shared how they had been wanting to get out of there because business wasn't good.  I was able to explain to them that when there is a place where little baby boys and girls are being sacrificed on the altar of Molech, there would be a curse on that building and nothing would prosper.  This couple got it and really understood what I was talking about.  I gave them all kinds of information and made plans to go out to lunch to talk more, another time.

Toward the end of our service, as we were singing Amazing Grace, I felt compelled to go to the door of the mill and pray right there.  I asked my friend Allura who was standing next to me if she would want to join me, and she immediately said, "Yes, I would love to do that!"

So we began to head up that way and soon, others were following.

As Allura and I were walking toward this place of death, I then felt compelled to go inside the abortuary and pray, so I shared this with her, and again she said, "Yes!"

When we walked up to the door, it looked as though they were open (normally they are closed on Friday).  Sure enough as the door knob was turned, they were open!  We looked inside and no one
was at the receptionists desk and one woman was sitting in this small waiting room.

We looked at each other and walked inside, with the other 5 fellow warrior friends following us! We all sat down and immediately began to pray in this very evil place!  We pleaded with the Lord to remove the strongholds which has kept this dark and wicked place in bondage.  We cried out for this place to be closed.  We prayed for conviction to fall on the employees.

It was a moment I will never forget, a Good Friday that will never be forgotten!

The whole time we were there, God kept us hidden as not one employee came to the front, we were left to completely pray as long as we felt led!

Allura & Amber talking with woman!

When were finished, we began to file out except for a couple of us who stayed to speak with a woman that was sitting in the waiting room and heard our prayers!  Her daughter was in the back, to which we encouraged her to go and get her out.  We gave her literature and really talked with her.  We did not see her go back, but we pray she did when we left.

Allura, Irene, Pat, Me, Amber, Terra & Russ!

As we walked out of those doors of death, we were all in a sense of awe at what God had just done! We all just really looked at each other and thanked the Lord for hiding, protecting, and allowing us to go inside that abortuary and pray for it's closure!

There are those times when you know deep down inside that God is prompting you to do something; yesterday was one of those times for me.  I thank God I did not shove that prompting down and ignore that still, sweet voice of the Lord.  I thank God for the friends HE has placed around me that are filled with Him, and filled with the courage and boldness that can only come from the Lord.  For in our flesh, we would not have wanted to walk into that dark and dank place that makes it's money off of killing little baby boys and girls.

I pray now that we will see this place closed, this I pray Lord, please close this place of death down!

"For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion: in the secret of His tabernacle shall He hide me; He shall set me up upon a rock. And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in His tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord."  Psalm 27:5-6

****Photo Credit of Prayer & Praise picture & You Tube Video to Amber Carroll

Monday, December 29, 2014

It was Christmas Eve, and I didn't want to go!

*****There has been an update to this post, please read below!

It was Christmas Eve and I really did not feel like going out to the abortion mill.  I had so much to do, family to visit, last minute gifts to pick up;  this really did not fit in.

But, here it was, Christmas Eve morning and I was heading down to the awhc abortuary, the only mill open out of the five here in Orlando.  As I headed down the highway, I had a sense of joy overwhelm me suddenly, and I knew that I was on my way to where I was supposed to be going.

When I arrived, two sidewalk counselors were there, along with two from the prayer support group that come every Wednesday.  Not too long after, another sidewalk counselor arrived.

The abortion bound women started coming in as each of us took our spots offering help and another way, pleading with them to make this the Christmas of Life and not death.  To let their little child continue to grow and experience opening Christmas presents and having a seat at the Christmas table.

We shared with them, that if they went through with having this abortion, every Christmas that rolled around would be a reminder of the day their child was killed.  They would remember this dark, dank place and everyone sitting in the waiting room;  a memory that would not bring good thoughts to mind.

We were able to speak with one young woman who had accompanied her abortion bound friend and encouraged her to go inside and inform her of all the help available, that abortion never will be the answer.  She did try, but unfortunately, her friend's boyfriend's pressuring for abortion won;  this little child lost his or her life on Christmas Eve.

We continued to reach out, pray, read scripture and sing Christmas Carols into the waiting room window.

And then it happened, a truck began to leave the mill, but first stopped at the driveway to let us know she had changed her mind, she was keeping her baby!  

Tears were pouring down her face, thanking us for being there for her.  These were tears of joy, even in the midst of not knowing how things would turn out.  All she kept saying was thank you!
We hugged her and talked with her exchanging phone numbers; she then left with one of the sidewalk counselors who took her to lunch. 

Those of us that remained at the mill were jumping up and down with joy; A BABY WAS SAVED, A BABY WAS SAVED!  We thanked the Lord and left that place of death on cloud nine, 

Yes, for something that I really didn't want to do, proved to bring joy unspeakable, with a very thankful young lady who came close to making a decision that would have left her a broken woman with a broken baby.  And, a little child continues to grow inside his or her mommy's womb, safe from the abortionist's knife!.

I will always remember the Christmas Eve of 2014; the warriors I had the privilege of standing on the sidewalk with--together speaking up for those who have no voice and trying to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death.  And, I will always thank God for filling me with joy as I headed to that place of death and allowing me to witness HIS tremendous love, grace, mercy and power in rescuing this precious child!

This was the best Christmas present ever!

"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped:  therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise HIM."  Psalm 28:7

*****UPDATE--As I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to a wedding on 12/30, I received a phone call on the ministry line, and I am so glad I was able to pick up this call!

"Is there anyone I can speak with?"  Were the words that came from the young lady on the other line.  I immediately told her yes, and that I would love to speak with her.

She went on to tell me that she had gone to an abortion clinic on Christmas Eve with a friend who had gone with her, who, she said, really didn't want her to get the abortion and had been trying to talk her out of it the whole way there.

When they arrived, according to this young woman, there were people out front trying to talk with them.  They went inside, but she told me her friend went outside to talk with the "people."  I then asked her what abortion center she had gone to and she said, "The All Women's Health Center!"  I said, "I was there on Christmas Eve and I remember talking with your friend!"

She then said that her friend had gone back inside and given her the information the "people" out front had given her, and again tried to talk her out of the abortion, telling her that the folks out front had said there was help available.  

Then her boyfriend arrived and started pressuring her and she told me she became confused, thinking about what her friend had said and the help that was offered.  She decided to leave, and did not have the abortion!  Here, we thought she had the abortion with her baby dying on Christmas Eve, and instead, she had left that place of death with her child still growing in her womb!

But during the weekend, she kept thinking and thinking and found herself at the awhc abortuary again, on Monday!  When she walked inside, there was no one at the receptionist's desk and she thought, "maybe this is another sign not to do it!"  But then the receptionist came to the front and after talking with her, she made an appointment for Wednesday, which would be New Years Eve!

She told me that when she walked out, she didn't feel good about scheduling another appointment at all, but didn't know what to do.  Then, as she was getting in her vehicle, she saw the brochure that we had given her friend on Christmas Eve, who had given it to her.  She picked the brochure up and really looked at it and began to read it and then put it in her purse.

Fast forward to Tuesday, December 30th, she took the brochure out of her purse and decided to call the number, which she did, and was talking with me!

As she shared what had happened, I said to her, "Honey, I believe that God has been trying to get your attention and show you that abortion is not what He wants you to do!"  Right away she said, "I know!"  I began to share with her the real help available and then asked how old her baby was, to which she replied, "Four months."  I then let her know that everything was there, his/her fingernails, hair, eye color; everything!  I then shared my own experience with abortion and other women; how abortion never is the answer and that this decision is one that you can not take back.

I then asked if her boyfriend was still pressuring her and she said yes.  I told her that no one can make you have an abortion, and the percentage of relationships split up after an abortion.  She then said, "Yes, I've been thinking about that, and I should never do something like this that I don't want to do for someone else!"  I said, "that is right, you have to do what you know is the right thing to do!"

I then asked her, "Are you going to keep that appointment tomorrow?"  And right away she replied, "No, I am not going back there, I am going to keep my baby!"  She thanked me and the others for being there that day, and how thankful she was for her friend that cared so much.  We made plans to go to lunch and I hung up the phone.

When I put that phone down, I was again in awe of God's wondrous and glorious power!  We thought that baby had died, and God has had this baby in the palm of HIS hands!  To HIM be the Glory!  How amazing is the goodness of the Lord God Almighty?  So good, so very good!  Two babies were saved on Christmas that I shall never forget!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Ugly Truth of Abortion on a Sign Saved a Baby!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a baby shower for a young girl who we met at one of the abortion facilities here in Central Florida yesterday.  No, she had not come to this center for an abortion; she along with her mother, happened to be driving down the street one day back in the spring, and noticed a group of us out during one of our Jesus Loves the Little Children Day, 

When they approached, we thought maybe they could be coming for an abortion, but turned out, they wanted to thank us for being there!

The mom shared how years ago when they had lived in this neighborhood, they would drive by and see people standing out in front of this abortion mill with signs, including pictures of the babies who died from abortion.  She told us that they effected her children to the point of tears at times.

Fast forward to the present as she then shared with us that her 15 year old daughter came home one day and announced the news that she was pregnant.  Of course she was shocked, but being pro-life, she unwaveringly stated that she would stand with and help her through this time.  Others, though, were encouraging and pressuring her to have an abortion, to the point that she even made an appointment!

But, as the days went on, this young lady was haunted by the pictures on the signs she saw on a
continual basis when she was younger.  She kept thinking about them and finally realized that she could not do that to her baby!  The pictures of the innocent little ones who had died the painful and brutal death of abortion on those signs saved this babies life!

They joined us another time at one of our Jesus Loves the Little Children Day and then yesterday was the baby shower and what a glorious celebration of life it was with this young lady surrounded by family and her "Life" friends as her mother calls us!

I want to thank those that stood unashamedly in front of the EPOC abortion facility many years ago holding the ugly truth of what abortion really is; the innocent little victims, the babies.  Yes, these pictures aren't pretty, but they are the truth, and the truth is what sets us free! 

There is alot of controversy even in the pro-life community on the use of these pictures, but for me, throughout the years, I have seen so many babies saved and are alive today because somebody was holding a sign with one of these pictures, or a Truth Truck driving through town or parked somewhere.

Let us never, ever be afraid of sharing the truth!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Making History in Kissimmee! Halt the opening of Planned Parenthood!

There are those times when you know that you've experienced something great, something spectacular and something that was touched by the hand of God Almighty.

Those moments that make history, and will be remembered for a lifetime.

This is what I experienced last night at the Commissioner's meeting at the Kissimmee City Hall. The hearing room was completely packed out with the lobby and hallway filled with concerned citizens waiting to express their outrage, sadness, dismay, and disheartenment over the proposed opening of a mega-Planned Parenthood.

One by one for over two hours city commissioners listened to people share their hearts with passion, tears, concern and fear for their community if this Planned Parenthood does indeed gain access to Kissimmee.

Winnie Bell was the first person to address
the commissioner s& with a passionate plea.

People from all walks of life, nationalities, color, age, occupations; all with the same heartfelt plea to the commissioners; to do what they could, no matter how small to stop this Planned Parenthood from coming to their community and polluting their town with the blood of innocent little baby boys and girls.

Pastors, doctors, many different ministries, businesses, lawyers all compassionate for the sanctity of Life and speaking on behalf of the unborn child, the plight of abortion, and the negative impact including the violence which surrounds abortion, and the effect this proposed opening would have on their community.
Dr. Litell, an incredible pro-life physician,
 led a prayer vigil prior to the meeting.

The mayor was quite adamant throughout the beginning of the meeting stating that there was nothing that they could do, using the word can't alot!   But halfway through, he finally said, "Well, there is one thing we can do and that is contact our state legislators!"

This after pastors challenged the commissioners that this is their Esther moment, "For such a time as this!"  Business men encouraged them to take the moral high ground and medical professionals shared how they will be the ones that will be left taking care of the women after they receive botched abortions.
Pastor Kevin Wilhoit from Grace Community

Women shared their pain from past abortions and the devestating lasting effects and how they do not want young women in their community to experience what they have experienced.

Dr. Litell who is helping to lead the way in this battle, stood and gave an absolutely passionate speech , creating a long and powerful round of applause that went on and on.

A mother went forward with her Down Syndrome son sharing how she was encouraged strongly to abort her child, but she refused.  She made the point that what we need more in this country are more people like her loving son, not less!  It was so powerful and so beautiful!

I know that this is a mountain we are climbing in trying to stop Planned Parenthood from moving into Kissimmee, but I also know that with God all things are possible!  I saw that Tuesday evening, with only a couple days notice of the Commissioner's meeting, close to 300 warriors showed up armed with the word of God, prayer, HIS boldness to speak and stand against evil and a oneness that can only come from a belief in Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Yes, last night, God was high and lifted up; those of us that sat in on the hearing and in the hallway, will never forget how God moved mightily through HIS people speaking for Life and against such an injustice that is permeated toward unborn human beings.

Please join us in prayer and fasting pleading with the Lord to intervene on behalf of the little baby boys and girls that will lose their precious lives if this place of death is allowed to open!  The God that parted the Red Sea, can part this sea......let's pray and walk up this mountain doing what we can to keep Kissimmee free from the shedding of innocent blood!

To God be the Glory!

(Pictures taken by Amber Caroll, video by Allura Lightfoot)