Friday, July 28, 2023

It's His kindness that leads us to repentance!

 "I knew that I had made a terrible mistake after I took that second pill!"

These were the words of a young woman who walked right over to us after walking out of the AWHC abortuary in Altamonte Springs Florida.

We had called out to her, offering help, and that we would love to speak with her;  so we were very happy when she quickly headed our way.

As she approached, there were tears falling down her face, and she shared with us how she had already had it....the abortion.

Her face was filled with sadness, sorrow, and remorse over her little baby, and she wept.

As she was weeping, we asked if we could give her a hug, to which she fell onto our shoulders crying.

Deep conviction was already taking place very deeply as she shared with us that she was a Christian, and knew that what she did was so very wrong against the God she loved that she had betrayed and walked away from.

She told us that when she was driving to the abortion center, she knew that what she was planning was so wrong in the eyes of God, even though she wasn't following Him then.

But because of fear, she had the abortion, and now stood weeping as a very, convicted, and repentant broken woman, 

I began to tell her of my past abortions, and how thankful I was that 'His kindness led me to repentance' (Romans 2:4), and the moment I repented of the sin of abortion, the murder of my innocent children, the chains that had held me bound and captive for so many years, fell to the ground.

We asked if we could pray for her, to which she said yes right away.

While praying, there was weeping amongst us all, and the presence of our HOLY God was with us.

This broken woman repented of killing her child with sack cloth and ashes as I had done so many years ago!!!  She then renewed her relationship with Christ!

Yes, it is HIS kindness that leads us to repentance oh Lord!

What a beautiful time of praying, and witnessing the power of God fall down in front of the very gates of hell, and watching His kindness lead someone to repentance, true repentance.  GLORY!!!

While all of this was going on, the pro-abortion escorts stood in the distance watching all of this taking place, as you can see in the picture.

Our prayer is that they saw the love, grace and mercy of the Lord God Almighty move upon this young woman who had committed abortion, and felt such remorse afterward.  

Please join us in praying for them as well, that they would repent of defending the shedding of innocent blood, and that they would kneel before the Lord and surrender their hearts unto King Jesus!

Thank you Lord for the opportunities that you give us to share what you have done in our lives, and to be able to witness you set the captives free!  Hallejuah!!!

Monday, March 20, 2023

URGENT!!! Grassroots Action Alert: SB 300 (Protection of Unborn Children After 6-Weeks’ Gestation)

 Dear Friends;

As many of you are aware, this past Thursday, March 16th, HB 7 (aka Heartbeat Bill) passed through it's first subcommittee in the House, unamened with a final vote of 13-5 with all pro-life Republican members in favor and all pro-abortion Democrats in opposition.  Three pro-abortion amendments to the bill were introduced and defeated along the same party line margins.

---This is a  NEW Grassroots Action Alert concerning House Bill (HB) 7 and Senate Bill (SB) 300 (Protection of Unborn Children in Florida After 6-Weeks’ Gestation).  If you missed it, you may find all of the background information provided by Florida Voice for the Unborn here.  (Thank you Andrew Shirvell, J.D, for this very pertinent information!)

Now, our attention must turn to the Senate, where SB 300 will get its first hearing today, Monday, March 20th at 3:30 p.m. before the Senate Health Policy Committee in the Pat Thomas Committee Room, 412 Knott Building, in the Capitol complex in Tallahassee. 
***NEW URGENT GRASSROOTS ACTION ALERT: SB 300 (Protection of Unborn Children After 6-Weeks’ Gestation)
Please contact the sponsor of SB 300 as well as all of the pro-life members of the Senate Health Policy Committee and express all – or some – of the following points:
---As a Florida citizen, I back most of Senate Bill 300.  However, I respectfully request that you amend section 3 of the bill so that ALL unborn children are legally protected in Florida.  Life begins at conception – not at the moment a heartbeat is detectable, which is around 6-weeks’ gestation (the human heart actually starts beating at 18 days).  Moreover, it is discriminatory to exclude children conceived as a result of rape or incest from the legal protections afforded other preborn children.  We must hold the perpetrators of rape and incest accountable.  The babies conceived as a result of rape or incest do not deserve to be executed for the crimes of their fathers.  Also, I believe that the so-called “fatal fetal abnormality” exception should be removed from the bill.  It is a gigantic loophole that targets children who are, more often than not, simply handicapped.  Even when preborn children are correctly diagnosed with a terminal illness, it is immoral to “euthanize” them in-utero – just like it is immoral to euthanize a born child. 
***Additionally, the unwarranted $5 million appropriation for the Department of Health's family planning program must be removed from section 7 of the bill.  This provision is not included in the House companion legislation.  Taxpayer money should not go towards funding contraception and possible abortifacients.  This is far from being Pro-Life!
Here are the key phone numbers for the bill sponsor and for the pro-life Republican members of the Senate Health Policy Committee:
Bill Sponsor Senator Erin Grall: 850-487-5029
Chair Colleen Burton: 850-487-5012
Vice Chair Jason Brodeur: 850-487-5010
Senator Ben Albritton: 850-487-5027
Senator Bryan Avila: 850-487-5039
Senator Doug Broxson: 850-487-5001
Senator Danny Burgess: 850-487-5023
Senator Alexis Calatayud: 850-487-5038
Senator Ileana Garcia: 850-487-5036
Senator Gayle Harrell: 850-487-5031
Here are the key e-mail addresses (with semicolons separating them) for the bill sponsor, the pro-life members of the Senate Health Policy Committee, and all of their legislative aides:
Here are the key e-mail addresses (with commas separating them) for the bill sponsor, the pro-life members of the Senate Health Policy Committee, and all of their legislative aides:
Based on whatever works best with your own e-mail account, please cut and paste the addresses above into your “to” header in a separate message.  Don’t forget to include a subject matter, such as “Amend SB 300 to Protect ALL Unborn Children,” and include the simple talking points above or any other points that you would like to communicate. 
***Amendments to SB 300 can be filed up until the beginning of the committee hearing on Monday at 3:30 p.m.  So continue e-mailing and leaving voicemail messages (if you cannot reach a live person) up until that time, including throughout this weekend.  Our collective efforts will pay dividends in the long-run!

Please take the time and send these emails/phone calls....IT IS NOT TOO LATE!  Express your deep concern for the plight of the unborn in the sunshine state!  We must press forward, and work very hard to see the unborn set free in Florida....ALL of them!!!!  May we be a shining light to the nation for protecting the youngest in our state by restoring their protection, personhood & rights....the same rights that you and I have....the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!  May it be oh Lord God!!!!

God Bless,
Michele Herzog
Luke 17:10

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Weeping at the Abortuary, the Day Before Thanksgiving!

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and as usual, we were ministering at the local abortuary, crying out for the little ones scheduled to be slaughtered.

We brought out a speaker and began to play worship music, entering into HIS presence amongst such evil!

It was busy, with many abortion bound men and women hanging out front; many from different states, who had driven so many miles to have their children killed before Thanksgiving.

And of course, there were the abortion pushers/escorts adorned in their rainbow vests, making sure that not one baby slated on the altar of choice would escape their fate of dismemberment or chemical poisoning death.

While we reached out to the mothers, and those accompanying them in this horrendous plot to murder their children, the minions, as they always do, would rush over with their rainbow umbrella's trying to drown out our voices, and shield the women from seeing us.

But through all their measly attempts, the women heard our cries, pleas and offers of help.

They heard the worship music, and we know that the praises of HIS people scatter the enemy.

One young lady in particular, was waiting outside for a very long time, watching us intensely.

My friend and fellow sidewalk counselor Amber kept speaking to her amongst the vile and vulgar music the pro-aborts were playing to drown out our voices.....but she kept listening and watching.

Amber used sign language of holding a baby, and 'no' abortion....she watched.

And finally she stood up, and I waved to her, and she started walking towards us through the sea of abortion guards....and came right to us weeping.

The tears were falling down her face, and she was having a hard time talking because she was crying so hard.

We asked if we could hug her, and she let us, falling into our arms sobbing.

Unfortunately, she had already had the abortion, and was their waiting for a check up.

A back-slidden Christian who had walked off the narrow path, and was now convicted by the Savior, and she wept.

Amber shared the truth of the gospel so beautifully to her, and she listened intensely, asking her to share more.

This young woman shared how she grew up in the church and had loved God, but took a very wrong path.

At first she said she wasn't ashamed of the abortion, but her next words were that she felt numb.

Of course we knew that she was truly and completely broken and shattered over what she did to her innocent baby, and we shared the truth with her, and the tears continued to fall down her cheeks. 

I shared my testimony of the abortions committed, and shared how my life was such a mess until I finally came to a place where I confessed before God that I had murdered my children...weeping with sack cloth and ashes, and truly repenting of this sin of murder, asking HIM to forgive me.

I told her, this is when the chains fell off, and I was truly set free!   

We shared with her how we have to truly repent of our sin before God can forgive.

How beautiful it was to witness this broken heart, and seeing the Savior convicting, and drawing her unto Himself.  

Oh how glorious!

We then prayed with her, and all heaven fell down.....the Lord was truly in our this very dark place of death!

No amount of vile music, evil shouting, mocking us, umbrellas, and interference from the minions of satan could stop the Holy Spirit from working in this woman's life....this woman at the well found life in utter darkness!

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."  John 8:36

We praise the Lord God above, as this truly was a beautiful Thanksgiving gift to us, giving the gift of Jesus on the day before Thanksgiving.

Can we shout GLORY, HALLEJUAH????  Yes....because God is great and greatly to be praised!!!!!   And HE is the only one that can set us free!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Florida Sadly Has Become A Haven State for Abortions!

After 49 years, and over 65 million little baby boys and girls brutally slain on the altar of choice,  Roe
v Wade, the landmark Supreme court decision which unleashed this bloodshed on our land, was overturned on June 24, 2022 and we praise God for this!

Since then, we have seen our nation polarized over this decision which brought power back to the states to decide the fate of the youngest in our nation, the unborn.

The stark difference in the states, and American citizens likens to a line drawn in the sand for and against  freedom for the unborn.  

Some states immediately either banned abortions, or put restrictions on this brutal act, other states
expanded the so-called right to kill the unborn.

Unfortunately, and very sad to write, Florida has become a haven state for abortion!

In other words, the pro-abortion community has actually acknowledged that Florida is a 'haven' state for women to travel to for their abortions, if their state has banned this murderous act. 

So, those of us ministering on the sidewalks in front of the abortuaries in the sunshine state, especially central Florida and up, have witnessed women pouring in from other states to kill their innocent children, at a much higher rate than before!

Abortion bound women from Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, and other states are heading to the sunshine state to carry out their plans to kill their innocent babies.

Instead of seeing a decrease in the number of abortions, there has been an increase, and this is so very sad to watch, and terribly disheartening when we have the opportunity to set the unborn free.

We must pray for our legislators here in the state of Florida, that they will truly act upon these crimes against humanity as the civil and human rights issue that it is, and we must restore personhood, protection, and the rights of all the unborn
human beings!  

Let us pray that we will be a state that is a safe place of refuge for the unborn, not a haven for abortionists to carry out their deadly deed!!!!

Call your legislators, share your concern, and plead with them to work hard for the rights of all these  babes in the womb, that they will once again have the same rights that you and I have, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.....we pray this in Jesus precious name!!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2021

48 Years Too Long!


marks the 48th year of the infamous Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision which, in one stroke of a pen stripped all legal protection, freedom and personhood from the youngest in our nation.
On January 22, 1973, the highest court in the land deemed the unborn unworhty to live, dehumanized them, and made them the property of women to kill if they choose.
This nation went from judging one's skin color, to instead judging someone for their age, size and location.
Since 1973, over 62 million innocent children have been murdered on the altar of choice, with the approval of many churches in the land.

The blood of these children cry out for justice, and their cries will not be overlooked by the Almighty God.
With the handing down of the this unconstitutional supreme court decision came the promises of less abortions, less domestic violence, 'safe' abortions, peace and the ability for women to control their own bodies.
These were by far some of the most far fetched promises, but the American people swallowed them.

Now, 48 years later, as anyone can see, there is no peace in our land, the family unit is broken, there is violence in the streets, domestic violence is at an all time high, no 'less' abortions, and abortion will never be safe....all one has to do is look at the carnage of women that have died and injured from botched abortions since 1973.

Abortion has not empowered women, it has only made them weak.

Mother Theresa at the 1994 'National Prayer Breakfast' had the courage to speak the truth in front of many politicians who were and are still advocates of abortion, this is what she said;

"But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"
She went on to say, "Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion."
Abortion is a brutal and violent act that has left landfills filled with the carcasses of babies killed by abortion.  Our sewage systems are polluted with the blood and remains of young little babies murdered by chemical abortions.
Truly, our nation is worthy of judgement for the innocent blood that has been shed in this land.
And that is why we can not ignore the cries of the children! 
We must speak up for these young ones who have no voice.  
We must continue to try to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death. 

We must work diligently to restore the rights and personhood of the unborn human beings, and to demand that this abortion holocaust end.

These are human beings created in the image of God, worthy of our protection.

The word of God tells us,
"For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?"  1: Peter 4:17  


"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."  II Chronicle 7:14

Will you join other Christians in crying out to the Lord today to end this holocaust in our land?  Will you commit to join this battle for life?  We must stand for those who have no voice!  We must stand in the gap for them!

Lord have mercy on our land!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Loving Our Neighbors...This Little Babe Mattered Too, and Deserved To Be Protected!

While everyone's focus these days are upon the Covid-19, I want to share about a little baby boy or girl whose life came very close to dying a horrendous and painful death yesterday.

This innocent child was close to six months in the womb, and his mommy and daddy had traveled from Georgia to Florida to procure a later term abortion, which they could not acquire in their home state.

Arriving early this particular Thursday morning, which is the only day the AWHC abortuary offers
these gruesome and barbaric procedures, they were greeted by two women (sidewalk counselors) standing out front as they offered help to them.

They pleaded with the couple to please not go into that building, to please protect their son or daughter!

Arriving early this particular Thursday morning, which is the only day the AWHC abortuary offers
these gruesome and barbaric procedures, they were greeted by two women (sidewalk counselors) standing out front as they offered help to them.

They pleaded with the couple to please not go into that building, to please protect their son or daughter!

As the abortion bound mommy got out of their truck, they could see that she was visibly pregnant, knowing that this baby could probably survive outside of the womb right now if delivered by skillful and caring doctors.

The parents did not heed the pleas from the counselors, but instead went inside this sleazy and dirty place of death.

Soon after though, the mommy came outside and walked down to talk with one of the counselors who told her that there was help for her, that she could get a free sonogram right next door and look at their precious baby created in the image of God.  She asked a few questions and went to sit in her car looking very troubled.

A few minutes later, the other sidewalk counselor began to talk with her while she sat in her car, discussing the situation, and again encouraging her to leave this place and protect her baby.

The mommy again got out of her car, and headed back inside, but only for a short while, coming back out again, and inquiring more information on the free sonogram from the counselor.

Soon after, the father came outside, and they both got into their truck, and drove off.  Noticing that they did not pull into the pregnancy center next door, the counselor's began to pray that God would completely convict their hearts over the plot to kill their child, and that their son/daughter wold be protected, and no harm would fall upon this innocent child.

Later on in the afternoon, they came back, but instead drove into the pregnancy center parking lot and went inside this building that promotes LIFE!  

They were in there for at least 2 hours, came out and sat in their vehicle for a very long time, and then drove out with the mommy smiling and thanking us as they drove away.

You see, the mother of this child scheduled to die, did not want the abortion.....the daddy did, and he was pressuring her to do this.  She needed someone to let her know that her feelings were right, and to stand strong and be a courageous mommy!

Yes, this little child's life mattered, and does matter!  There were 14 other little babes that, unfortunately were not delivered from the dismemberment, decapitation, disembowelment or chemical poisoning yesterday, but no outcry what so ever!

Their little carcasses left behind from the surgical abortions will be picked up by the Stericycle truck and taken to the Apopka dump to be tossed as trash.

The little babes killed by chemical abortions will be flushed in the toilet and end up in the sewage system, or thrown in the trash.

And this is going on everyday in Florida, and around the nation!

Right in central Florida up to 60-70 babies are killed daily, and not a peep, not a care, not a concern!

And all the while, we are hearing, 'Love your neighbor' and 'don't be selfish' tossed around like candy, but yet these little neighbors are completely neglected, but for a few caring and loving Christians.

While people are glued to the mainstream media propagating fear to the masses......over 1500 babies will be murdered this month by abortion right here in our own backyard!

Yes, this child saved yesterday was special, this little babe mattered, and deserved to be protected!

Thank the Lord, that there were Christian's on the sidewalk in front of that abortuary trying to rescue those staggering toward the slaughter.  

Thank the Lord that they were there being a voice for the voiceless in this very dark time

Make no doubt about it, God has been gracious all these years for the tremendous amount of blood that has been shed through the act of abortion, but HE has every right to judge this nation, and I believe right now we are under judgement for these crimes against humanity!

These are modern day places of Molech, and God will not sit idly by while these children are brutally murdered.

God has heard the cries of these little ones, and hears their cries now!  The blood of the children have been crying out for justice for 47 years, with over 60 million slain on the alter of choice!

Yes, God has every right to judge this nation!

May Christians around this country fall to their knees and cry out with sack cloth and ashes to God to forgive us for this bloodshed, and to see these high places fall into the ash heap where they belong.

 The word of God states very clearly what we must do, and it isn't to walk in fear, it is this:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."  II Chronicles 7:4

And this we must do!!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Set the Unborn Free!

"Free the unborn!

"Set the unborn free!  Free the unborn!"

These were the words I heard as young people from the local high school shouted as they exited the school bus, which stops right down the street from the awhc abortuary, where I was heading to minister yesterday!

When they saw me walking up the sidewalk with my big sign, they knew where I was heading, and what I was getting ready to do because we have talked to many of them on several different occasions throughout the years!

Excitedly, I joined in and shouted, "Set the unborn free!  Free the unborn!"

What an encouragement to me as I continued up the sidewalk towards the place of death thinking that they are finally understanding the plight of the unborn, that they are humans that have no rights, no personhood, and they are the property of another person.....their own mother!

These young people who have argued with us so many times in the past, finally are getting it that the youngest in our nation have been dehumanized because of their age and size.

They now understand that on January 22, 1973 these young babes in our nation were stripped of their personhood, and became the property of women to kill if they choose.

Yes, I was excited to hear them yell at the top of their lungs, "Set the unborn free, free the unborn!

For this is the civil rights issue of today, and a battle that has taken the lives of over 60 million!

Next month will mark 47 years of this shedding of innocent blood in our nation, all under the guise of choice and women's rights.

In three short years, unless the Lord God Almighty intervenes, it will be 50 years of bloodshed!  May it never be!

May we raise up the mantle and shout it to the mountain tops like the students yesterday, to 'Set the Unborn Free', to 'Free the Unborn!'

To set the captives free, and to establish and restore their personhood and protection, that they will be able to savor in the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, just as you and I do!

May we not grow weary in fighting and defending the rights of the youngest in our nation, and not settle until they are set free completely!

May the church arise with all of her splendor and glory, with the battle cry sounding for justice and mercy for these precious babes created in HIS image!

Set a fire fresh in our hearts to plead the cause of the oppressed...the unborn, in our nation, and rescue  them from this injustice!

Set the Unborn Free!  Free the Unborn!  

Set the captives free, and end this abortion holocaust in our land dear Jesus!  May this be our cry, and may we keep our eyes fixed on that prize, in Jesus name!

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"  Psalm 94:16

"For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?"  I Peter 4:17