Friday, August 23, 2013

Early Pregnancy Tests---The New Back to School Specials!

My friend Allura posted a picture on her facebook page of a back to school special at one of the many Walgreens.  Now, one would expect the usual items needed such as pencils, pens, erasers, sharpners, paper, folders, notebooks, calculators, index cards, file folders and more.  But now, one can find  something very different amongst the good deals for school and that is a special on early pregnancy tests!  Yes, that's right, early pregnancy tests!

Now, I may be naive or maybe it's because I'm getting older, but, really, early pregnancy tests to get ready for school?  You think that you have heard everything, but then something like this stares you in the face and you wonder, what in the world is going on?

What does this say to the young ladies in our community?  You better make sure you stock up and keep those e.p.t.'s in your backpack because you will need them this year?  

I remember the old saying, "You've come a long way baby," well, looking at this set up at Walgreens indicates to me, that we as women have not come along way baby, as a matter of fact, we have fallen into the precipice of losing self-respect and hungering after love in all the wrong places.  

I never thought I would say it, but back in the good ole days, girls cared about keeping their virginity and the ones who didn't, well I'm not going to say here what people thought.  But my how things have changed!

Now, being a virgin in high school is an oddity and a rarity, and a girl who sets out to do it, if known, is thought to be strange.  But, on the contrary, she is the wise one and these girls and young men need to be prayed for as they seek to remain pure.

Ministering in front of the abortion centers gives me and others a first hand observation as to the trouble we are having in our society and community with the messages we send to the youth of America today, for we see everyday teenagers coming for their abortions on a regular basis and the percentage of them claiming to be Christians.  From as young as 12, (actually when I was in Wichita, there was a girl that was ten that came to George Tiller's center) on up. We see them coming in with their boyfriends, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, friends, brothers, sisters, and sometimes pimps.  

Most laugh, and are sarcastic, some are sad and confused.  Some are coming for their fourth, fifth, sometimes their tenth abortion and are very hard and cold.  Yes, this is the reality of the way things really are with many of the boyfriends dropping their girls off, laughing and leaving.  One young man almost beat me up one day, but the security guard of the abortuary I was at stopped him from laying a hand on me.

No, we have not come a long way baby, and messages like the one at Walgreens doesn't help young ladies gain self-respect, it only helps to lead them to a place of no self-respect.

My hope and prayer is for the young people of today; that they would see how very precious they are in God's sight and that it is worth seeking a life of purity and righteousness.

If you happen to be at a Walgreen's, and see a display like this, don't be afraid to go to the manager and have a friendly talk about why something like this is damaging for our youth and maybe, just maybe there will be a counter revolution to the sexual depravity in   our nation.  May God Help Us!