Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hiding the Secret of Abortion

Here is Felski at P.P.intimidating
 prolifers with his gun!
Well, once again abortionist Emil Felski has exerted his power and used his intimidation practices to try to scare Christian's away from his private OB/GYN practice.  You see Mr. Felski kills babies through abortion at Planned Parenthood of Orlando, delivers babies at Florida Hospital and  has an OB/Gyn practice where he also kills babies.   But, he doesn't let his OB patients know about his abortion bound patients, oh no, he keeps them totally separate!  So when Christian's come out and stand in front of his private practice to expose the evil deeds of abortion, Mr. Felski gets very upset because he doesn't want his hidden secret to come out;  he has lost his ob patients after they find out that he is an abortionist.

So was the case yesterday when  two close friends of mine and true warriors for Christ went out to stand in front of Felski's office proclaiming the truth of the gospel and informing the public that Mr. Felski is an abortionist.

Shortly after they arrived, they noticed Felski driving toward them on Hwy 436 which is a very busy road. He didn't pull into the driveway though, he just stopped his car on this highway, got out taking pictures of my friends, Amber and Allura, and then proceeded to pick up one of the signs that said "Repent Emil Felski," folded in half and put it in the car with him, (view video here), then driving into the medical complex. 

Not only did Felski take their "property" but he also endangered Amber & Allura's lives, along with all the others drivers on Hwy 436.  This is when I received a call from Allura, and after talking it over and seeking counsel, they decided to call 911, here is what Allura had to say:

"We called 911 to report that he had taken my property, and had also caused an obstruction to traffic by leaving his car unattended on the Hwy, (He only had to drive a few feet further to pull into the driveway of the medical plaza, and he wouldn't have caused any danger to us or the drivers on Hwy 436).

Two unmarked police cars arrived and the officers immediately told us that my sign was illegally leaning against a Department of Transportation sign.  We said we hadn't realized that and wouldn't do it again  The older officer then folded his arms over his chest as he said we couldn't "harass or prevent people from coming in or going out" of this medical facility.  He added that while taking pictures of people isn't illegal, "maybe these particular people didn't want their pictures taken and it could be considerd a form of harassment."  The only person we took a picture of was Felski, but I assured the officer that we run all these questions and situations by our attorneys to make sure we aren't breaking any laws.

The officers left to talk to Felsk, then came back with my sign, (view video here) with the folds permanently creased in it.  The younger officer instructed us to not lean our signs against DOT poles, and it was obvious that they thought they were done now and everything was fine!  When Amber mentioned the danger Felski had put us and others in by leaving his car in the street, we were assured that "he has been counselled about that" so it wouldn't be a problem anymore.  I said we wanted to press charges, and laid out the reasons why.  The older officer, with a smirk, said, "okay!" And they turned around and walked to the car.

The younger one brought the report back for me to fill out, and he seemed nicer and more considerate, but the older one was condescending and sarcastic, very authoritative.  He treated us
Amber filling out the report
both as if we were ignorant children who could be pushed around and intimidated.  In fact, he seemed to be very biased against us and our rights.  We wonder if there could be some kind of ties between him and the abortionist.  But God gave both Amber and me a holy boldness to stand up to these bullies....including Felski....and to not back down out of fear!  When God calls us to be a voice for the voiceless, He gives us the grace and strength to go forth in His mighty name!  

"The Lord proclaims:  Do what is just and right;  rescue the oppressed from the power of the oppressor.  Don't exploit or mistreat the refugee, the orphan, and the widow.  Don't spill the blood of the innocent."  Jeremiah 22:3

Molly, Allura & others sharing the truth at Felski's
at one of the Awareness Campaigns there!
Surely, this obstetrician's patients have a right to know that the blood of innocent aborted babies is spilt  in the same rooms where they themselves are examined as they wait excitedly for the birth of their little one.  Felski is a wicked oppressor who secretly whisks abortion-bound moms in and out of his medical office before and after regular business hours so he can pay for a beautiful home in a gated community as well as a pretty snazzy little car.  He is proud of his reputation as an honored OB doctor at Florida Hospital, owned by the Seventh Day Adventists, so he doesn't want word getting out publicly that he kills babies in his medical office or at Planned Parenthood.  He wants to keep his unfruitful deeds in the dark, but as Christians we are called to expose them and bring them into the light.  That is why we stand in front of his office on 436 with signs that call him to repentance and proclaim that "Dr. Emil Felski Kills Babies Here!"  Allura  

Frank with the boys at an Awareness
Campaign at Florida Hospital!
Yes, the Bible tells us "to have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but to rather expose them," Ephesians 5:11, and this is what we must do.  We must also pray, so please pray for Emil Felski, that he will repent of the shedding of innocent blood, leave the business of killing little baby boys and girls and bow his knees to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!