Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Dark Day in History!

This past week upon anticipation of the Supreme Court decision of Obamcare coming down, I joined other Christians around this nation crying out to God almighty to have mercy on this land.  I have prayed and prayed for a favorable outcome of overhauling this whole "Affordable Healthcare Act," which strips away our very freedoms and liberties.  This act which would force us to purchase something we don't want, violate our deeply held beliefs and fund abortion coverage and encroach on states rights.

But this morning, I woke up with such a fervor in my heart, I was troubled and overwhelmed  with concern for the country I love so deeply, at the same time knowing that God has all things in HIS hands.  

2012 Supreme Court Justices
In my heart I felt as though it would go the way it went, for when I heard the news that came down upholding Obamacare constitutional as a tax with a 5-4 split decision, I was not surprised.  Saddened, dismayed, fearful for our country, yes, but no surprise. 
This landmark decision which was handed down today, June 28, 2012 has the potential to tear away the very fabric of our nation if not repealed.

1973 Supreme Court Justices
Amazing that almost 40 years ago another dark day in history occurred, January 22,1973, which stripped away personhood from human beings developing in the womb.  The effects of this decision have been devastating to the over 50 million baby boys and girls that have lost their lives through abortion.  The absolute lack of respect for life is rampant in our nation.  This landmark Supreme Court decision, Roe vs. Wade was taunted as an incredible victory for women, and not only has it been the opposite, it is destroying this country.

Although I am incredibly upset about how this turned out today, my hope and trust is in the Lord God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth.   He will I continue to look toward and continue on, no matter what.  With Him all things are possible!  I will pray along with so many other believers that Obamacare will be repealed and that God will raise up many more men and women to be true mouthpieces for Him, unashamed of His precepts and commands, this is my prayer.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

"It's her age!"

Lydia, me and Deanna the day of "the age!"
While my daughter Lydia and myself stood on the side of the building of AWHC abortion mill speaking to the women sitting in the waiting room for their abortions, a car drove past and stopped to speak with us.  We offered the young man a pamphlet and began to speak with him.  He had brought his sister and you could see the sadness and torment in his eyes.  He was very troubled and I believe glad to speak to someone about this situation.  I asked him why she felt compelled to have an abortion, to which he responded, "It's her age."  I asked how old she was and he told me she was 40 years old.  My daughter who is now fourteen years old was standing right by my side listening, I turned and looked at her and pointed, and said to him, "This is my daughter, I had her at 42, do you think she was worthy of death?"  At that his mouth dropped and he didn't know what to say.  I told him she was one of the biggest blessings God has given me, and I thank him everyday for her.
I then asked him if he was a Christian and if they had grown up in the church.  He responded quickly with a yes.  I said to him, "Then you know how God feels about the shedding of innocent blood, please tell your sister about my daughter; the baby in her womb is also a blessing, no matter what, she just has to trust Him."
He went inside, but I never found out if he was able to convince her to come out.  So sad that so many babies are killed because of "the age."
I look at my daughter and I am so very thankful to God that HE blessed me with her.  Her smile is contagious and she is always there helping and offering a kind word.
Thank you Lord for giving me Lydia at 42, what a wonderful way to say you love me!

Friday, June 22, 2012

He Hates.....

This is my first post on my new blog!!!  Woohoo!  So why do I feel so compelled to write something so heavy?  Mainly because what happened yesterday was somewhat of a first for me and I drove home in a slight shock!
My daughter Lydia and me went to the All Women's Health Center (abortion center), they were not performing abortions so that was a very pleasant surprise!  Toward the time that we were getting ready to go we noticed a car drive in and a young couple got out of the car.  Of course, as usual, we offered information and help, but the young woman walked through the door while the young man looked at us and decided to come and talk.  He began to explain that they were there because she was having a miscarriage, and that they had been to the hospital.  I asked him why they would leave the hospital and come to an abortion clinic.  I looked at him and said, "I can't imagine the hospital down the street kicking you out and sending you here."  That's when he looked at me and said, "It is our choice and a legal right!" (I knew at that point, there really was not a miscarriage on hand), I responded by asking him if he thought it was right to beat slaves and kill them.  He said with very cold eyes, "Yes!"  I then asked if it was right to kill the Jews, and he again looked at me with those cold eyes, "Yes!  And he also added, "Blacks too!"  I asked him how he got so cold, what had happened.  He told me nothing had happened, but I said, "something had to have happened for you to get so cold-hearted."  At that, the young woman walked out telling him they had more important things to do.  He went inside with her, but they were out shortly after.
As they pulled out of the parking lot, he opened up the window and yelled out, "kill the Blacks, kill the Jews!
My daughter and I stood there in shock at the absolute hatred we had just witnessed. It is not surprising though, that in a land that allows absolute torture and murder to occur on the youngest in our nation on a daily basis, that this would start happening.
I believe because of the bloodshed caused by abortion, we are seeing the true ramifications coming forth.  I pray that I will see this end!