Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hugh Hefner Did No Favors for Womanhood!

The other night my daughter asked me if I had heard that Hugh Hefner had died, and my response was no, I had not.

But in that moment, feelings arose within me, and all I could think of was Playboy,  and the sexualization and abuse of women, and how this has manifested into our society and the changes for the negative that have occured.

Personally, for me, I immediately was reminded of the Playboy magazine that was always proudly placed on our coffee tables in the homes I grew up in.  This was the norm for our family, and frankly, I think my brothers and I thought all families had a Playboy magazine staring at them from the family coffee table in the living/family room.

Every month my dad would gleefully pull his treasured Playboy magazine out of the mailbox, (unless my mother got it for him), and rip the cover off, then search through the pages to the pin up section,and let that page fall down, and then stare at whatever nude woman was the Playmate of the month!

Unfortunately, as I grew older, I had more disgust with my mother for standing there and watching her husband gawk over another woman,  and allowing it in front of us children!

I'll never forget the day at the beach when I was just a young girl, the words my dad said to me while I was playing in the sand in my leopard skin bikini that he had bought for me....."You are going to make a great Playboy bunny."

Words have such an impact and unfortunately, I ended up moving out, but engaging in a world of drugs, drinking, fornication, and abortions, (interesting that Hefner had alot to do with the decriminalization of abortion).  

My life swirled into a very, very deep pit, which many times I tried to crawl out of, but never seemed to be able to reach over the top.

Until....on June 29, 1986, when I did not want to live anymore...truly, I really did not want to live, but thank God my grandmother had taken me to her little Lutheran church in Chicago when I was just a little girl....and I learned about hell, and it was so ingrained within me, that I knew I was going to hell, and that it would be much worse then the pit I had dug for myself.

But thanks be to God, on that beautiful morning at 2:00am, the Lord God removed the blinders from my eyes, and HIS kindness led me to repentance.  I was like Paul, and fell off the horse....I was once blind, but now I could see.  It was instantaneous, and I was changed and made a new creation.  I was on fire, and remain on fire for HIM...Christ Jesus!

Yes, Hugh Hefner played a big role in my life, but it wasn't for the good, it was for the detriment, the degradation of my soul, and womanhood....and so many other women I know can relate to what I am talking about.  If not for the Lord God Almighty intervening, I would not be alive today!

Please know that if you can relate similarly with my story, maybe you are involved in fornication, addicted to pornography, you've had abortions, please know that when you confess these deep sins, when you cry out and repent of them, God is able to pick you up out of these very deep pits, forgive
you, and bring freedom, the freedom that can only come from HIM and HIM alone.  

As Corrie Ten Boom said...."There is no pit so deep, that God's love is not deeper still!"

Thank you Jesus, for your great love for me, and thank you for the beautiful gift of repentance, that you so kindly give!

"Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?"
Romans 2:4

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Please Don't Be the Cause of A Fatality!

While Floridians awaited the fury of Hurricane Irma, knowing the damage and lives already taken in the islands, they began to hunker down and get ready for this monster of a storm with much anticipation and dread.

Unfortunately, and sad to say, there was a mad rush to the abortuaries just prior to this catastrophic storm by women, wanting to hurry up and have their little baby boys and girls killed by abortion!

As Allura and I pleaded with the women, we urged them to not be the cause of a fatality, which were horrifically taking place due to Irma.  We exhorted them to leave this dark place of death with their child still snug in their womb, and prepare for the Hurricane.

Allura stood at the driveway with car after car driving in to this parking lot, crying out, offering help, pleading for the life of these innocent children.

"At this time when everybody is in survival mode, you've come to a place that kills precious little innocent children, children who were created in the image of God, and should enjoy the same rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that you enjoy!" 

I stood in the back pleading as well, with those hanging out smoking their cigarettes, or exiting their cars.

I urged a young man that had been hired to hang the storm shutters, to refuse to do business with a place that dismembers or poisons to death innocent human beings.  He told me that God had blessed him with this job because he needed money so bad.....and that he was a Christian!  I told him that that was not a blessing, and if he did the work for them, he would be receiving blood money, and bring a curse instead of a blessing.  He told me that he thought what we were doing was good, but that he had to do this job;  I told him, "You will remember this day....the day I pleaded with you not to have anything to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them....but you chose not to expose them, but instead, to take part in the will remember this day!"

Our hearts wept watching woman after woman walk into those doors in a hurry to get this deadly deed over with, so that they could make it home in time for the storm!

Around 15 little babes lost their lives that day right before Hurricane Irma; dismembered, decapitated, disembowelled or poisoned in the womb.....but you won't hear about that in the news; their little lives will be tossed into the Apopka dump with the rest of the innocent little ones who had no voice.

May we weep for the children, and may we remember these little ones who lost their lives during Hurricane Irma.