Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Pendergraft Above the Law?

For over 40 years we have been spoon fed the mantra of safe and legal abortions, that by some strange notion if abortion remains available with no criminal consequences, women will be safe.

What nonsense and what a lie that has permeated throughout our society for far too long. Decriminalizing abortion in 1973 never made the world a safer place for women, instead what has happened is the abortion industry has become a breeding ground for sexual predators, rapists, sex traffickers, pimps, incest and more.  Not only that, women continue to be maimed, butchered and killed by abortionists, but yet the mantra of "safe and legal abortions" continues.

The absolute hypocrisy is truly coming forth as those that have fought so hard to spout off their absolute concern for women are the very ones who are fighting tooth and nail to prevent abortion centers to be regulated the same as a surgi center.  Not only that, these same advocates of abortion who have waved coat hangars in our faces for 40 years yelling, "never again" are the same ones ranting how unconstitutional it is to force an abortionist to have hospital privileges.  Really?  You care so much about women, but you don't care if the abortionist has hospital privileges and you don't want the very place where abortions are performed to be regulated the same as other medical centers?  I do believe your true colors show you really don't care about women at all.

On a local level here, right in the heart of Mickey Mouse land, family vacations and fun in Central Florida, we have an abortionist that has successfully been able to shove his fist in the face of the law for years.  This abortionist has had his medical license revoked, not once, twice, three or four times, but yes, five times and not only that, it is suspended indefinitely!  Now, you would think that he would be shut down, but oh no, he is up and running his shady abortion business without consequence to any of his actions.

Pendergraft with his attorneys
at the Carol Howard hearings.
James Pendergraft, the man who was sued over $36 million dollars for a botched abortion is this abortionist! His Orlando Women's Center was raided by the Sheriff's Department and all assets were confiscated, but one month later Pendergraft brazenly borrowed furniture and office equipment and opened back up again.  He still has this huge lawsuit hanging over him and no medical license, but he remains open!

His main abortionist Randall Whitney has two pending lawsuits for perforating the uteruses of two women and he also assaulted a woman which led to his arrest and a judgement against him with other women accusing him of assaulting them as well; and he continues on as well into his 80's!

Just a few weeks ago, while out ministering at Pendergraft's EPOC abortion mill, we witnessed something that is one of the ugly faces of abortion;  a young woman walking continually in the parking lot wearing her pajamas and covered with a blanket.  She was in the second day of her late term abortion (she said she was 25 weeks along, one week past the legal limit in Florida) and was laboring, waiting for her baby who was said to have fetal abnormalities to be born dead.  The abortion began at Pendergraft's sister mill, Orlando Women's Center with sidewalk counselor & evangelist John Barros reaching out to her with the love of Christ and help the day before.  So here she was, the second day waiting, just waiting, walking, laboring.

The abortionist, the infamous Randall Whiteney, who came to EPOC for awhile this particular day, stayed a little bit, then left all the women there with no attending physician (I actually wouldn't consider him a physician by the way), to go kill more babies
Abortionist Whitneys way of greeting us!
over at Orlando Women's Center.  He goes back and forth from each mill like a ping pong ball!

So I go back to the "safe and legal" abortions;  how can anyone call this safe?  Why has Pendergraft been allowed to remain open with NO medical license?  His slick and seedy dodging of the $36 million dollar lawsuit by trickery is commonly used and shared by hot shot drug dealers and other abortionists; this camaraderie in the cleverness and scheming of hiding money in and through different corporations, makes it easy for more botched abortions to occur at his back alley mill.

No, abortion is not safe, and will never be safe; it is not healthcare!  I for one, along with others are making it a point to expose what  Pendergraft is allowed to get away with here in the sunshine state.  We will not remain silent and we will work hard to warn women and others of Pendergraft's history.
 We want answers from officials at the Florida Medical Board and the Department of Health on why they allow the seedy and dangerous practices of Pendergraft and Whitney to continue on their merry way botching abortions, performing late term abortions, and of course mercilessly butchering innocent little baby boys and girls.  Our question is, "Is Pendergraft above the law?"  We will raise our voices, and we won't be silent!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hiding the Secret of Abortion

Here is Felski at P.P.intimidating
 prolifers with his gun!
Well, once again abortionist Emil Felski has exerted his power and used his intimidation practices to try to scare Christian's away from his private OB/GYN practice.  You see Mr. Felski kills babies through abortion at Planned Parenthood of Orlando, delivers babies at Florida Hospital and  has an OB/Gyn practice where he also kills babies.   But, he doesn't let his OB patients know about his abortion bound patients, oh no, he keeps them totally separate!  So when Christian's come out and stand in front of his private practice to expose the evil deeds of abortion, Mr. Felski gets very upset because he doesn't want his hidden secret to come out;  he has lost his ob patients after they find out that he is an abortionist.

So was the case yesterday when  two close friends of mine and true warriors for Christ went out to stand in front of Felski's office proclaiming the truth of the gospel and informing the public that Mr. Felski is an abortionist.

Shortly after they arrived, they noticed Felski driving toward them on Hwy 436 which is a very busy road. He didn't pull into the driveway though, he just stopped his car on this highway, got out taking pictures of my friends, Amber and Allura, and then proceeded to pick up one of the signs that said "Repent Emil Felski," folded in half and put it in the car with him, (view video here), then driving into the medical complex. 

Not only did Felski take their "property" but he also endangered Amber & Allura's lives, along with all the others drivers on Hwy 436.  This is when I received a call from Allura, and after talking it over and seeking counsel, they decided to call 911, here is what Allura had to say:

"We called 911 to report that he had taken my property, and had also caused an obstruction to traffic by leaving his car unattended on the Hwy, (He only had to drive a few feet further to pull into the driveway of the medical plaza, and he wouldn't have caused any danger to us or the drivers on Hwy 436).

Two unmarked police cars arrived and the officers immediately told us that my sign was illegally leaning against a Department of Transportation sign.  We said we hadn't realized that and wouldn't do it again  The older officer then folded his arms over his chest as he said we couldn't "harass or prevent people from coming in or going out" of this medical facility.  He added that while taking pictures of people isn't illegal, "maybe these particular people didn't want their pictures taken and it could be considerd a form of harassment."  The only person we took a picture of was Felski, but I assured the officer that we run all these questions and situations by our attorneys to make sure we aren't breaking any laws.

The officers left to talk to Felsk, then came back with my sign, (view video here) with the folds permanently creased in it.  The younger officer instructed us to not lean our signs against DOT poles, and it was obvious that they thought they were done now and everything was fine!  When Amber mentioned the danger Felski had put us and others in by leaving his car in the street, we were assured that "he has been counselled about that" so it wouldn't be a problem anymore.  I said we wanted to press charges, and laid out the reasons why.  The older officer, with a smirk, said, "okay!" And they turned around and walked to the car.

The younger one brought the report back for me to fill out, and he seemed nicer and more considerate, but the older one was condescending and sarcastic, very authoritative.  He treated us
Amber filling out the report
both as if we were ignorant children who could be pushed around and intimidated.  In fact, he seemed to be very biased against us and our rights.  We wonder if there could be some kind of ties between him and the abortionist.  But God gave both Amber and me a holy boldness to stand up to these bullies....including Felski....and to not back down out of fear!  When God calls us to be a voice for the voiceless, He gives us the grace and strength to go forth in His mighty name!  

"The Lord proclaims:  Do what is just and right;  rescue the oppressed from the power of the oppressor.  Don't exploit or mistreat the refugee, the orphan, and the widow.  Don't spill the blood of the innocent."  Jeremiah 22:3

Molly, Allura & others sharing the truth at Felski's
at one of the Awareness Campaigns there!
Surely, this obstetrician's patients have a right to know that the blood of innocent aborted babies is spilt  in the same rooms where they themselves are examined as they wait excitedly for the birth of their little one.  Felski is a wicked oppressor who secretly whisks abortion-bound moms in and out of his medical office before and after regular business hours so he can pay for a beautiful home in a gated community as well as a pretty snazzy little car.  He is proud of his reputation as an honored OB doctor at Florida Hospital, owned by the Seventh Day Adventists, so he doesn't want word getting out publicly that he kills babies in his medical office or at Planned Parenthood.  He wants to keep his unfruitful deeds in the dark, but as Christians we are called to expose them and bring them into the light.  That is why we stand in front of his office on 436 with signs that call him to repentance and proclaim that "Dr. Emil Felski Kills Babies Here!"  Allura  

Frank with the boys at an Awareness
Campaign at Florida Hospital!
Yes, the Bible tells us "to have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but to rather expose them," Ephesians 5:11, and this is what we must do.  We must also pray, so please pray for Emil Felski, that he will repent of the shedding of innocent blood, leave the business of killing little baby boys and girls and bow his knees to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Their Ashes Will Not Be Forgotten

Today the documentary "After Tiller" made it's debut for all the world to see into the lives of the four self-proclaimed late term abortionists still practicing this absolute barbaric and gruesome procedure in America.

I have to say that when I was reminded of this being the opening day of the documentary, my mind went back to the years I stood in front of  Tiller's late term abortuary.

I couldn't help but think of all the faithful Christian's over the years that stood in the middle of winter in below zero weather or the blazing hot summer's and never ending blowing wind, praying, crying and pleading with the women going into Tiller's infamous late term abortion facility, the years it was open.

I began to think of the ten years of going out to Tiller's at 6:00am on Tuesday mornings, week after week, year after year to be there for all the women  that would come from around the country and abroad to have their late term abortions.  It's hard to write this, as I think of the women full term having a hard time getting out of their car. Their child fully formed, sometimes ready to be born.

But what I remember the most was the smoke stack, the thick smoke that would billow out, and the ashes of the children would fall all around us, sometimes falling like snow, covering our windshields, and sometimes pieces of the baby would fall on our feet. You see, George Tiller had an adult size crematorium and all those babies would be thrown into that incinerator and their ashes would flow across Wichita, the smell of human flesh burning was everywhere around us.

My friend Karen and I would walk back and forth across the driveway reading the word when women weren't coming in.  The sword of the spirit would keep us focused on Christ amidst the absolute evil that surrounded us.  Another friend of mine, Don, would lead worship in front of this place of death because the praises of His people scatter the enemy.

I remember the day Christin Gilbert died, a down syndrome young girl who had been taken to Tiller's and died at the hands of none other then Leroy Carhart, one of the four being held in high esteem in this movie, and made out to be somewhat of a hero;  which is such a dichotomy as Christin is not the only woman Carhart has butchered along with the 1,000's of babies he has killed.  

Abortionists Leroy Carhart, George Tiller, Shelly Sella &Susan Robinson
prior to a dinner in Topeka thrown in honor by then Governor Sebellius.
 (Operation Rescue)
Yes, abortionist Carhart would drive down from Nebraska to perform abortions at Tiller's abortuary along with Shelly Sella and Susan Robinson flying in each month to also help along with the business of late term abortions.  Three out of the four abortionists in this film used to kill little human beings regularly at Tillers.

I feel at times that it was just a terrible nightmare what I saw at that place of death, but it wasn't, it really happened, I truly saw evil.

These four are not heros;  heros save lives, they don't brutally kill innocent human beings.  I like and agree with what Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue stated in a Fox interview, "After Tiller” is nothing more than a propaganda piece for late-term abortions.  The movie tries to portray them as caring people – even heroes – but the side I have seen of these people more resembles the persona of Kermit Gosnell than Albert Schweitzer,” she said. “In my opinion, they all belong in prison.”

No, I will never forget the ashes, ever, and for all the little baby boys and girls that lost their little lives at that abortuary, my heart cries, but my resolve remains strong to continue on being that voice for those who have no voice, pressing forward toward the day that unborn human beings will be protected. 

When I grow weary and tired, I will always remember the ashes, and this dear Lord I persevere for your precious little children.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Early Pregnancy Tests---The New Back to School Specials!

My friend Allura posted a picture on her facebook page of a back to school special at one of the many Walgreens.  Now, one would expect the usual items needed such as pencils, pens, erasers, sharpners, paper, folders, notebooks, calculators, index cards, file folders and more.  But now, one can find  something very different amongst the good deals for school and that is a special on early pregnancy tests!  Yes, that's right, early pregnancy tests!

Now, I may be naive or maybe it's because I'm getting older, but, really, early pregnancy tests to get ready for school?  You think that you have heard everything, but then something like this stares you in the face and you wonder, what in the world is going on?

What does this say to the young ladies in our community?  You better make sure you stock up and keep those e.p.t.'s in your backpack because you will need them this year?  

I remember the old saying, "You've come a long way baby," well, looking at this set up at Walgreens indicates to me, that we as women have not come along way baby, as a matter of fact, we have fallen into the precipice of losing self-respect and hungering after love in all the wrong places.  

I never thought I would say it, but back in the good ole days, girls cared about keeping their virginity and the ones who didn't, well I'm not going to say here what people thought.  But my how things have changed!

Now, being a virgin in high school is an oddity and a rarity, and a girl who sets out to do it, if known, is thought to be strange.  But, on the contrary, she is the wise one and these girls and young men need to be prayed for as they seek to remain pure.

Ministering in front of the abortion centers gives me and others a first hand observation as to the trouble we are having in our society and community with the messages we send to the youth of America today, for we see everyday teenagers coming for their abortions on a regular basis and the percentage of them claiming to be Christians.  From as young as 12, (actually when I was in Wichita, there was a girl that was ten that came to George Tiller's center) on up. We see them coming in with their boyfriends, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, friends, brothers, sisters, and sometimes pimps.  

Most laugh, and are sarcastic, some are sad and confused.  Some are coming for their fourth, fifth, sometimes their tenth abortion and are very hard and cold.  Yes, this is the reality of the way things really are with many of the boyfriends dropping their girls off, laughing and leaving.  One young man almost beat me up one day, but the security guard of the abortuary I was at stopped him from laying a hand on me.

No, we have not come a long way baby, and messages like the one at Walgreens doesn't help young ladies gain self-respect, it only helps to lead them to a place of no self-respect.

My hope and prayer is for the young people of today; that they would see how very precious they are in God's sight and that it is worth seeking a life of purity and righteousness.

If you happen to be at a Walgreen's, and see a display like this, don't be afraid to go to the manager and have a friendly talk about why something like this is damaging for our youth and maybe, just maybe there will be a counter revolution to the sexual depravity in   our nation.  May God Help Us!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Day Free Speech Died in Winter Park, Florida part 2

Could it really happen in America? Could three citizens be arrested on the public sidewalk for reading a Bible, having a camera and holding a "Celebrate Life" sign?  I want to believe that this would not and could not happen in the country I love so dearly, but yesterday it did. 

The city of Winter Park Florida thought that these three American citizens, were dangerous enough that they called in the city Swat team to body search, hand cuff and arrest fellow prolifers and friends Jay Rogers, Professor Pat McEwen, and Cheryl Bishoff.  They were then taken to the Orange County Jail for booking.

So why did this city find it necessary to go to such measures to arrest three Christians on a public sidewalk?  Let's go back to last August when a group of peaceful Christians took to the streets and held a public witness in the neighborhood and residence of the newly promoted  CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, Jenna Tosh.  On a sidenote , this particular center performs on an average of over 100 abortions per week!

Almost immediately city commissioners of Winter Park went to the aide of Jenna Tosh and  passed a 60-day emergency ban on residential picketing aimed at a specific home.  Later, commissioners approved in a 4-1 vote an ordinance that would make the ban permanent, not without the packed house of concerned citizens expressing their utter dismay and opposition to this ban that prohibits free speech.  Mayor Ken Bradley was the only dissenting vote, expressing his opposition to the ban siting it unconstitutional.

Since then, warriors for the lives of unborn human beings have gone back to publicly witness and share the truth of abortion in the neighborhood with police coming, telling the Christians they must leave, but never with the threat of arrest.  The police on both occasions seemed to be confused as to what the ordinance really enacted.

Which led to yesterday's Awareness Campaign leading to the arrests of my friends, who love the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul.  While they sat in the jail, we all stood outside of the jail holding signs, worshiping the Lord and praying that God would protect our brother and sisters in Christ and use them for the time they would be behind bars in jail, and that HE did!  

This is only the beginning, but I believe with all my heart that this is what Jesus meant when He said to be the salt and light of the earth.  Please pray with us down here in Central Florida that God will use these unjust arrests to bring God glory and to challenge this ordinance that bans American citizens from their first amendment rights of free speech!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Answered Prayer..... From Abortion Surgery Table to LIFE!

While ministering at the AWHC abortion mill a few weeks back I noticed a couple drive in and go toward the back to park.  I walked quickly in the back to make sure they would be offered help and be informed of centers that would truly care for them.

When they got out of their car I said, “Hi my name is Michele and I would love to give you some information, please come over and talk with me please.”  The young woman then walked over and I was able to have a really good conversation with her.  She was definitely pregnant and abortion bound, telling me that at the moment she was homeless.  I told her there was all kinds of help out there and that we would love to help her.  She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, “Really?”  I said, “Yes, there really is help for you.”  I handed her a brochure and resource sheet which has all the local pregnancy centers listed on it, and showed her the ones that were open at that time.  I suggested she call and talk with one of the counselors.  She told me thank you and that she would, then proceeded to walk over to the young man (her friend, not the father of the baby) that had come along with her and they stood talking.

I then went back up front and asked the prayer group from St. Margaret Mary’s which comes every Tuesday to please pray for this mommy and protection for the little baby in her womb.  I then began
 ministering to other women and men piling in for abortions.

Some time went on and we didn't see the couple come to the front, so we began to get excited that she had changed her mind and would be leaving, but then we saw both of them walking toward the front door.  Becky, the other sidewalk counselor began to plead with them to not go in, she pleaded and pleaded but they went inside anyway.  We all began to really pray for them and this precious baby being led to the slaughter.

When it was time to leave, they were still inside the mill and we just cried out to the Lord to please intervene on behalf of this child, and touch the heart of the mommy.

When I arrived home, I just could not get that young lady out of my mind and neither could Becky.  We continued to pray that God would do a miracle!  Just then I received a phone call from the young mother (the ministry number is on the back of the pamphlet and I had told her to call me for any reason)!  She began to tell me that she had gone so far as to get on the surgery table and had the sonogram!  She even saw the images of her six week old baby!  When she began to ask questions about the safety and some concerns she had for a medical condition she has, the medical assistants did not want to answer her.  She said they were in a hurry and just wanted to rush her along.  The doctor then came in and she began to ask him questions, to which he did not want to answer and she thought him to be very rude.  She made the decision right then and there and jumped off the table and went to the front, got part of her money back and left!  She was calling me to tell me what she had done and that she was definitely going to keep her baby and would I help her?  I told her most definitely I would do what I could to help her. 

We made arrangements to meet up the next morning and I would take her to one of the local pregnancy centers close to where she lived, which we did, and we had a great time getting to know one another! She was able to receive a lot of love and help from the counselors at the Sanford Pregnancy Center, which I am so thankful for!

God truly answers our prayers and this is just another reminder to me that we must never, ever give up praying, for anything!  I thank God that HE intervened on behalf of this little baby and mommy

Please continue to pray for them!  To God be the Glory for HE has done Great things!

"Rejoice evermore.  Pray without ceasing.In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."  I Thessalonians 5:16 - 18

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day, is it Love for Everyone?

Today is Valentines Day and many will be receiving flowers, cards and heart shaped boxes of candy from those expressing their love to them.  Restaurants will be packed with couples taking their sweethearts out for this special occasion which is wrapped up in love.
But while these acts of love and affection are going on throughout the day, there are places all around our nation that will not be expressing this type of love on Valentines Day.  Sadly, thousands of women will be making their way to abortion centers to rid themselves of the child developing in their womb.  This will not be a day of love for them, although many will be escorted by their boyfriends who at one point had told them that they love them.  Now, they are at a center which will gladly accompany their request to kill their child.
What started for many as a longing for love, now is weighed down by a little innocent child.  This child is now scheduled to die.
What a dichotomy, so many are receiving candy and flowers today, while others will be in waiting rooms for hours for that call to come in the back for their abortion.
So, what will Valentine's Day be like for the women who spent their day at an abortion mill and paid an abortionist to stop the beating heart of their child?  Will this be a day that she will look forward to from now on?  What do you think will be her first memory of Valentine's Day?
I can tell you, it won't be the chocolate and it won't be the flowers.  It will be the stench of the abortion mill, the very memory of all the women's faces waiting for their abortions, the walk back to the "operating room," and afterward walking out knowing something horrible happened and you are now a broken woman with a broken baby.  A decision that can never be turned around, a baby that died a horrible death, and memories that will last forever, scars of regret, guilt and shame.
And what about the men/fathers who have done everything that they can do to save their baby, but legally have no rights in this country?  Will this be a happy Valentine's Day for them?  No, this will be a terribly sad and frustrating day that will leave scars of pain for these daddy's who will never hold their child.
Yes, Valentines Day for many will be wonderful memories of sharing love and receiving love.  But for the thousands of little human beings that will die a brutal death, this will not be love shared upon them at all.
If you have a chance today, maybe you might want to find out the closest abortion mill and offer the only true love to those that will be coming to kill their child, the love of Jesus Christ!  Offer them another way, let them know that their are people that can help them.  Remind them of what Valentines Day stands for, and that is love and encourage them to love their babies and not pay someone to stop the beating heart of their child.  Tell them that if they go through with the abortion that this is what Valentines Day will forever be; a reminder of their child's death.  This is true love, reaching out to the lost, being a voice for the voiceless and rescuing those unjustly sentenced to death.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We Were One of Them!

While ministering at Planned Parenthood the other day, we noticed a man walking a woman toward the building, we offered help to the couple, but they went inside anyway. He then came out shortly after and went and sat in his van.  
One of the sidewalk counselors, Robert, went next door to the vacant lot so he could stand at the fence and try to talk with this young man. He stood there at the fence and started talking with him and after a bit, the man got out of his vehicle and began conversing with Robert.  I walked up at this point and leaned on the fence listening to the words coming out of the mouth of this young man. He knew theology alright, and he knew the all to well verse about not judging other people.  He went on and on about not judging and the usual rhetoric we hear about doing something other then being out in front of an abortion clinic. 

While we stood there talking, Germaine, another sidewalk counselor, came over and leaned on the fence.  Here we were, the three of us listening and talking with this young man who had a young lady inside with an innocent little baby scheduled to die.  We listened to all the excuses and we talked with him on many different levels, but it always came back to the question, how do you feel about what is going to happen to the baby if you don't go in and stop it?  He would change the subject immediately as this question was going to be avoided, after all, no one wants to think about what will happen.  But then he looked at us and again, talked about judging and that we didn't have any idea what these people were going through that had come that day.  How dare we stand there trying to change their minds when we had no idea what they might be facing.  That is when I looked at him and said, "but we do have an idea, 
WE WERE ONE OF THEM!"  He just looked at the three of us bewildered and I said again, "WE WERE ONE OF THEM!"  At that, Germaine said, "Yes, I had three abortions."  I then said, "I had five abortions."  Then Robert said, "I had seven abortions, and probably more."  This was the first time he stayed quiet and I continued.  I looked at him and said, "We care about those people that are going inside that building, because if they go through with the abortion, they will never be the same.  You see, a piece of you dies with your baby, you walk out that door a very broken person, and we want to offer help to make sure that doesn't happen.  Even if you are the person that brought a person, you will be affected as well." We each shared a bit of our stories and told him that we wished someone would have been there to offer help to us on our first abortion, we really believe it would have made a tremendous difference.  I then told him that because we were one of them, we feel an obligation to do what we can to stand against this human and social injustice, that just as slavery was once legal it did not make it right, and even though abortion is legal, it definitely does not make it right.  We explained to him that these little babies have no voices and die horrendous, tortuous and painful deaths.

We talked a bit more and encouraged him to go back in and get his woman and baby out of there.  We gave him information about Maafa 21 and other literature to view.  We can only pray that God touched his heart.

What we didn't realize at that point was how God was going to touch our hearts.

As we finished our conversation, the three of us started to go to our cars, I walked over to Robert as he was getting ready to drive out and all of a sudden it just came over me, and I looked at Robert and said, "Robert,  Germaine said he had 3 abortions, I had 5 abortions, and you said you had seven abortions.  That's thirteen babies!"  There was silence, utter silence and at that point Germaine walked up and I shared with him what I had just said to Robert and the three of us just stood there together.  Thirteen babies between the three of us, not here on this earth.  It was overwhelming, even though the three of us have repented with weeping and sobbing for the killing of our children, and we know that God has forgiven us, it was just one of those moments that can not be described. 

I then said, "But....thank God for HIS redemption, thank God for His forgiveness, thank God for HIS GRACE, thank God that HE picked us up out of the pit of hell we were in and thank God HE has placed us here to tell other people.  We praised God for what HE has done and what HE did on that day at Planned Parenthood for us to remember what HE has done in our lives. 
 Yes, we know, because WE WERE ONE OF THEM!