Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day, is it Love for Everyone?

Today is Valentines Day and many will be receiving flowers, cards and heart shaped boxes of candy from those expressing their love to them.  Restaurants will be packed with couples taking their sweethearts out for this special occasion which is wrapped up in love.
But while these acts of love and affection are going on throughout the day, there are places all around our nation that will not be expressing this type of love on Valentines Day.  Sadly, thousands of women will be making their way to abortion centers to rid themselves of the child developing in their womb.  This will not be a day of love for them, although many will be escorted by their boyfriends who at one point had told them that they love them.  Now, they are at a center which will gladly accompany their request to kill their child.
What started for many as a longing for love, now is weighed down by a little innocent child.  This child is now scheduled to die.
What a dichotomy, so many are receiving candy and flowers today, while others will be in waiting rooms for hours for that call to come in the back for their abortion.
So, what will Valentine's Day be like for the women who spent their day at an abortion mill and paid an abortionist to stop the beating heart of their child?  Will this be a day that she will look forward to from now on?  What do you think will be her first memory of Valentine's Day?
I can tell you, it won't be the chocolate and it won't be the flowers.  It will be the stench of the abortion mill, the very memory of all the women's faces waiting for their abortions, the walk back to the "operating room," and afterward walking out knowing something horrible happened and you are now a broken woman with a broken baby.  A decision that can never be turned around, a baby that died a horrible death, and memories that will last forever, scars of regret, guilt and shame.
And what about the men/fathers who have done everything that they can do to save their baby, but legally have no rights in this country?  Will this be a happy Valentine's Day for them?  No, this will be a terribly sad and frustrating day that will leave scars of pain for these daddy's who will never hold their child.
Yes, Valentines Day for many will be wonderful memories of sharing love and receiving love.  But for the thousands of little human beings that will die a brutal death, this will not be love shared upon them at all.
If you have a chance today, maybe you might want to find out the closest abortion mill and offer the only true love to those that will be coming to kill their child, the love of Jesus Christ!  Offer them another way, let them know that their are people that can help them.  Remind them of what Valentines Day stands for, and that is love and encourage them to love their babies and not pay someone to stop the beating heart of their child.  Tell them that if they go through with the abortion that this is what Valentines Day will forever be; a reminder of their child's death.  This is true love, reaching out to the lost, being a voice for the voiceless and rescuing those unjustly sentenced to death.