About Me

I am just a simple woman who loves her young people, loves the country, the ocean, loves dogs, goats, animals in general!  I love people, always have, I never liked seeing someone sitting alone in school.  This probably stems from moving once a year until I was in the seventh grade.  I knew what it was like to move into a new area, start a new school, and not know one person.  So, I always could find that one person no one would talk to, I was drawn to go over and make that person feel special.  I'm still that way, I always happen to find the lonely people.  There is a song by Dan Peek called, "This is for all the lonely people,"  I love that song, it sums up my feelings.  When I first became a Christian on June 29, 1986 at about 4:00am, this song was introduced to me, and I'm sure I listened to it everyday!

Harriet Tubman
One of my hero's, and there are alot, is Harriet Tubman.  This woman risked her life to give slaves a chance to escape and run towards freedom, sometimes in the dead of winter.  She saw humanity in her people, she knew that they were fully persons, even though the government said they were only 2/3rd of a person.  She was brave even though she battled illness, it was that important to her.  Because of her courage and bravery along with so many other hero's, so many of her fellow brothers and sisters experienced freedom and eventually through time and the sweat and blood of others, true personhood.

I am encouraged by her steadfastness in that battle and it encourages me to continue on in the battle that I have such passion for;  the battle for the right to live for human beings developing in the womb

On January 22, 1973, human beings at a certain age lost their personhood, it was stripped from them and all power fell into the hands of women to decide who would live and who would die in this country.  Truly, anyone born since 1973 is a survivor, a true survivor as it is completely legal  to be killed if you are still in the womb.

My extreme passion comes of course from the Lord as it is clear that HE loves the little children and wants us to lay our lives down for others.  We are also to love our neighbor, and these little ones are my neighbor. 

Proverbs 31:8 also tells us to speak up for those who have no voice, and truly these babes have no voice, we are their voice and their advocate.

My other passion comes from my experience with abortion.  I was one of those women who walked into an abortuary.  I could go into my story on how I ended up at one of these centers that make their money off of killing innocent little children, but I never want to sound like a victim.  Because of my utter rebellion and entering into a sinful lifestyle, little children lost their lives. 

It is because of the kindness of the Lord that led me to repentance, that I am alive today.  Did the abortions effect me?  Yes, I didn't want to live anymore, a piece of me died the first time I left an abortion center, but what's worse are the little, innocent children that died a brutal death. 

Of course abortion would effect anyone, you go in and hand money over to someone to stop the beating heart of an innocent human being.  We all know that there is a child growing inside a womb, the after-effects of abortion are truly destroying and devastating our society.

As I said on June 29, 1986 my life completely changed, I became a new creation in Christ Jesus, completely delivered of drugs and drinking completely!  But it took two years to deal with the abortions.  It was my hidden secret and I was afraid to let anyone know about them in fear that they would not want to be around me. 

I went to Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and Dr. D. James Kennedy was my Pastor.  He spoke on the evils of abortion quite often, but always in an absolute loving but firm way.  Each time though, I would sneak out the back of the church.  But, what I did hear seeped into my heart, and each time God used it.

I became involved with the Overtown Bible Club in Overtown, (inner city of Miami), which ministered to Haitian children.  I ended up moving down and living in the ministry and this is where God truly set me free.....in the midst of drugs, drug dealers, shootings, rats, roaches; this, HE chose to use in my life to understand HIS true repentance & forgiveness!  

My dear friends in the ministry, Jodi, Rob and Brian had heard about a woman named Joan Andrews who was in solitary confinement in the Broward Correctional Institution, for entering an abortion mill and locking herself to a suction machine.  There was a scheduled rally in Tallahassee to ask then Governor Martinez to pardon Joan, which he eventually did.  Rob and Brian went up to Tallahassee for the rally and when they came back they felt that the unborn were as important as the born.  They had met Pastor Ed Martin, and had spent time with him. He shared about the holocaust in our land, and their hearts were so touched and broken at this shedding of innocent blood!

I remember the night so well, we all sat around a table and Rob and Brian were sharing about the trip, and I was terrified, I was shaking; no one knew about my abortions.  I was still hiding my secret with clenched fists.  But as they talked I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit encouraging me to confess my sin of abortion.  I finally blurted out, "I've had abortions!"  I fully expected them to tell me to leave, but, instead Jodi, Rob and Brian surrounded me, laid hands on me and prayed for me.  I confessed and repented of my sin with weeping and sackcloth and ashes.

The shackles fell off of me, satan did not have me bound anymore! 

I will forever be grateful to Jodi, Rob and Brian for in the ghetto of Miami I found freedom and they
helped me experience it!

And that is only the beginning, I will use this blog to share about this holocaust, my experiences and my life.  No King but King Jesus!

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile."  Romans 1:16


  1. Michele, this is amazing!!!! So proud of you, sister! I love you...thank you for being willing to be obedient to your Savior.

  2. Oh Michele!! My heart is soaring! What a Savior we serve, willing to forgive you, and _even_ me! It was a delight reading your testimony, and I will be pointing ladies who have had abortions to this post. Thank you SO much for sharing!

  3. Please do send women this way! We serve a great and might God, willing to forgive. I thank HIM everyday for setting me free and changing my heart toward HIM!

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  5. It is so beautiful how the Love and Grace of God can take something that threatens to destroy us under a deluge of guilt and shame become the very means to our salvation and the salvation of others. I LOVE the way our God Rolls! Hallelujah!
    I encourage you to watch the pro life documentary I recently produced. "Protected, Conceived in Rape and Other Exceptions" conceivedinrape.com These stories will take your breath away how these women actually lived out the verse "He is a Father to the Fatherless" Psalm 68 papakevin11@gmail.com Just read your blog with several stories about special needs and Down Syndrome. Good job! Beautiful! I shared a couple of my favorite pro life poems/ quotes there. God Bless.

  6. Okay Miss I am an ex druggie and drunk , but you want to get on here and JUDGE other people, So Godly that you forgot that Jesus does NOT judge . You need to find something better to do than focus on saving the world, just bc YOU had an abortion & now feel guilty doesnt mean you should BLAST anyone else, YOU are guilty, not the doctor, YOU!

  7. Anonymous--First of all, after repenting and confessing the sin of abortion with a true heart, and understanding what I truly did and bringing this horrendous sin of paying someone to killing innocent human beings with weeping and sackcloth and ashes.....the Lord God has forgiven and washed me white as snow. I do not walk in guilt, shame or regret....I am a new creation in Christ Jesus which is freely offered to you. Do I weep for my children, absolutely, but satan does not have me bound; I now use what I did to help other women to not walk down the road I walked down which leads to death, and to try to rescue innocent human beings from a brutal death...the death of abortion.
    As far as judging you, can't figure out how I judged you. I am always thankful for anyone who has been delivered of drugs and drinking....I am one of them and thankful the Lord delivered me of the endless and deadly road and thankful for you as well.
    But don't forget the rest of the verse about judging....and that is that as Christians we are to judge righteously, and the sin of abortion which stains this land of ours must be judged righteously. Someone has to speak up for all these innocent babies dying horrific deaths due to abortion. Someone needs to confront the evils of women being the only ones who decide who lives and who dies.....no one should be property, even the smallest amongst us, the unborn human being. And yes, the abortionist does have blood on his/her hands....the continual ripping apart and poisoning of human beings is a crime.

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    1. Anonymous---You are the perfect example of someone who would help escort women in to get their abortion, but afterward when she finds herself broken, in bondage to the spirit of murder, and then repents of the bloodshed on her hands....you will mock her, yell at her, ridicule her for how dare she speak about the horrors of abortion and what abortion really is! God is great and greatly to be praised...I praise God for HIM opening my eyes and leading me to a place of repentance! The same can happen to you if you bow your knees before the creator and repent of your sins, surrender your life to HIM!
      And no, I never felt used up.....what I felt was the shame, guilt and regret of the knowledge of killing my children...."It is HIS kindness that leads us to repentance!" Thank you Lord!

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