Friday, December 8, 2017

They Were All Just Laughing, the Employees Were laughing, and I Had To Leave!

There are those times where I just stand in awe of what God has done, and yesterday was one of those times!

My dear friend and fellow sidewalk counselor Anne and I were ministering at a very busy AWHC
abortuary, pleading with many abortion bound mommy's and those accompanying them.

Anne pleading with mommies!!!
There were many hard hearts, as is the case so often when so close to Christmas, or any holiday for that matter.  

Many dads stood out front smoking their cigarettes making excuses for bringing their women to this place of death.  One young man came and spoke with us and told us his girlfriend had to abort their twins because it was an ectopic pregnancy, which later we found out was false, and he proudly proclaimed to be an atheist. Frankly we knew deep down inside he wasn't being honest about his children who were being led to the slaughter.

Oh how our hearts broke.

Another man told Anne to shut up or he would make her shut up....all at the same time he was watching his baby in the back seat of his car while his wife was inside waiting to have someone kill their other child.

Oh, how our hearts were breaking.

We cried out, we sang, we prayed, we held our signs, we pleaded, we offered help, we shared about Jesus and HIS ways.

And then.....

We noticed a young woman come out of the abortuary and walk up to the security guard, and he grabbed her hands, and we almost wondered if that was his girlfriend as he looked as though he was lovingly consoling her.....which we later found out from her that he was telling her to breathe, and that she could do it...the abortion!

She then got into her car and began to drive out, but not without stopping to speak with Anne, which happened to be standing at the driveway on the drivers side.  I was on the other side of the driveway talking with one of the abortion bound fathers.

Anne spoke for a few minutes with her, and then she pulled out, with Anne speaking loudly to me to me those words all of us long to hear......

"She chose life!  Follow me, we are going to meet her!"

I hurriedly gathered all the signs, and ran after Anne...which, I'm sure must have been a sight!!!

When I caught up, Anne was already talking with the young woman in another parking lot.  I went over, and what I saw broke my heart....this woman was weeping, tears running down her eyes, telling us she could not do this!

We asked if we could take her out to lunch, which she agreed!  Anne & I hopped into her vehicle, and headed down to Panera's which is right up the street, and ended up spending a couple hours with this woman who bore her heart with us....a woman who had no hope, but when she left, had hope, the only hope that can come from Christ!

On the way to the restaurant, I asked her what changed her mind, and she went on to tell us about how everyone was laughing in the waiting room, how the employees were laughing, and babies were dying....she thought it was all wrong, and couldn't stay in there.

She also shared how, on the way to the awhc abortuary, she 'just' happened to run into a video on her instagram of Ben Shapiro, and how he was speaking at a college, and a student asked him about first trimester abortions, and his response startled this mommy's already convicted heart!

She also mentioned that she had never noticed it before, but the whole way there she kept on seeing pro-life billboards, which were other things convicting her on this wrong decision to kill her child.

She also thanked us many times for being there....God was certainly working in her heart mightily.

She later went on to share how she had already had two abortions, after I had shared my testimony about the abortions I had was an amazing confession that she had been carrying around for years.

Her circumstances of this child are severe, which she shared with us, and it will be a mountain to climb, but we shared with her that we will be there with her, but more importantly, God will be with her.

We shared HIS glorious gospel with her, her need for the Savior Jesus, and her heart is so hungry for God, and has been hungry, but she hasn't known what to do or where to go....she has been stuck in sin....a place I once was which I can relate to so much.  

We shared with her, that with a surrendered heart to Christ comes freedom, the only true freedom comes from HIM.

This woman, who was weeping and weeping, who could not understand how God could forgive her for the sins she has committed, was able to hear words of escape through the Almighty, which she has never heard before!  Oh Hallejuah!

Yes, even tonight, I am in awe at what God did, and used two vessels that were broken for the babies being led to death.  He not only comforted this mommy's heart, but HE...the King of Kings touched our hearts....something only HE can do, and for that, we are so extremely thankful to Jesus!

Please keep this mommy, her unborn baby, and her 4 other children in your prayers, as this won't be easy, but with Christ, all things are possible.  And please pray for those of us that will be ministering to her as we enter this journey.

This....this is why we do what we do!!!!!!

All glory to Him, thank you Jesus!