Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Weeping at the Abortuary, the Day Before Thanksgiving!

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and as usual, we were ministering at the local abortuary, crying out for the little ones scheduled to be slaughtered.

We brought out a speaker and began to play worship music, entering into HIS presence amongst such evil!

It was busy, with many abortion bound men and women hanging out front; many from different states, who had driven so many miles to have their children killed before Thanksgiving.

And of course, there were the abortion pushers/escorts adorned in their rainbow vests, making sure that not one baby slated on the altar of choice would escape their fate of dismemberment or chemical poisoning death.

While we reached out to the mothers, and those accompanying them in this horrendous plot to murder their children, the minions, as they always do, would rush over with their rainbow umbrella's trying to drown out our voices, and shield the women from seeing us.

But through all their measly attempts, the women heard our cries, pleas and offers of help.

They heard the worship music, and we know that the praises of HIS people scatter the enemy.

One young lady in particular, was waiting outside for a very long time, watching us intensely.

My friend and fellow sidewalk counselor Amber kept speaking to her amongst the vile and vulgar music the pro-aborts were playing to drown out our voices.....but she kept listening and watching.

Amber used sign language of holding a baby, and 'no' abortion....she watched.

And finally she stood up, and I waved to her, and she started walking towards us through the sea of abortion guards....and came right to us weeping.

The tears were falling down her face, and she was having a hard time talking because she was crying so hard.

We asked if we could hug her, and she let us, falling into our arms sobbing.

Unfortunately, she had already had the abortion, and was their waiting for a check up.

A back-slidden Christian who had walked off the narrow path, and was now convicted by the Savior, and she wept.

Amber shared the truth of the gospel so beautifully to her, and she listened intensely, asking her to share more.

This young woman shared how she grew up in the church and had loved God, but took a very wrong path.

At first she said she wasn't ashamed of the abortion, but her next words were that she felt numb.

Of course we knew that she was truly and completely broken and shattered over what she did to her innocent baby, and we shared the truth with her, and the tears continued to fall down her cheeks. 

I shared my testimony of the abortions committed, and shared how my life was such a mess until I finally came to a place where I confessed before God that I had murdered my children...weeping with sack cloth and ashes, and truly repenting of this sin of murder, asking HIM to forgive me.

I told her, this is when the chains fell off, and I was truly set free!   

We shared with her how we have to truly repent of our sin before God can forgive.

How beautiful it was to witness this broken heart, and seeing the Savior convicting, and drawing her unto Himself.  

Oh how glorious!

We then prayed with her, and all heaven fell down.....the Lord was truly in our midst....at this very dark place of death!

No amount of vile music, evil shouting, mocking us, umbrellas, and interference from the minions of satan could stop the Holy Spirit from working in this woman's life....this woman at the well found life in utter darkness!

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."  John 8:36

We praise the Lord God above, as this truly was a beautiful Thanksgiving gift to us, giving the gift of Jesus on the day before Thanksgiving.

Can we shout GLORY, HALLEJUAH????  Yes....because God is great and greatly to be praised!!!!!   And HE is the only one that can set us free!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Florida Sadly Has Become A Haven State for Abortions!

After 49 years, and over 65 million little baby boys and girls brutally slain on the altar of choice,  Roe
v Wade, the landmark Supreme court decision which unleashed this bloodshed on our land, was overturned on June 24, 2022 and we praise God for this!

Since then, we have seen our nation polarized over this decision which brought power back to the states to decide the fate of the youngest in our nation, the unborn.

The stark difference in the states, and American citizens likens to a line drawn in the sand for and against  freedom for the unborn.  

Some states immediately either banned abortions, or put restrictions on this brutal act, other states
expanded the so-called right to kill the unborn.

Unfortunately, and very sad to write, Florida has become a haven state for abortion!

In other words, the pro-abortion community has actually acknowledged that Florida is a 'haven' state for women to travel to for their abortions, if their state has banned this murderous act. 

So, those of us ministering on the sidewalks in front of the abortuaries in the sunshine state, especially central Florida and up, have witnessed women pouring in from other states to kill their innocent children, at a much higher rate than before!

Abortion bound women from Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, and other states are heading to the sunshine state to carry out their plans to kill their innocent babies.

Instead of seeing a decrease in the number of abortions, there has been an increase, and this is so very sad to watch, and terribly disheartening when we have the opportunity to set the unborn free.

We must pray for our legislators here in the state of Florida, that they will truly act upon these crimes against humanity as the civil and human rights issue that it is, and we must restore personhood, protection, and the rights of all the unborn
human beings!  

Let us pray that we will be a state that is a safe place of refuge for the unborn, not a haven for abortionists to carry out their deadly deed!!!!

Call your legislators, share your concern, and plead with them to work hard for the rights of all these  babes in the womb, that they will once again have the same rights that you and I have, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.....we pray this in Jesus precious name!!!!!