Friday, September 20, 2013

Their Ashes Will Not Be Forgotten

Today the documentary "After Tiller" made it's debut for all the world to see into the lives of the four self-proclaimed late term abortionists still practicing this absolute barbaric and gruesome procedure in America.

I have to say that when I was reminded of this being the opening day of the documentary, my mind went back to the years I stood in front of  Tiller's late term abortuary.

I couldn't help but think of all the faithful Christian's over the years that stood in the middle of winter in below zero weather or the blazing hot summer's and never ending blowing wind, praying, crying and pleading with the women going into Tiller's infamous late term abortion facility, the years it was open.

I began to think of the ten years of going out to Tiller's at 6:00am on Tuesday mornings, week after week, year after year to be there for all the women  that would come from around the country and abroad to have their late term abortions.  It's hard to write this, as I think of the women full term having a hard time getting out of their car. Their child fully formed, sometimes ready to be born.

But what I remember the most was the smoke stack, the thick smoke that would billow out, and the ashes of the children would fall all around us, sometimes falling like snow, covering our windshields, and sometimes pieces of the baby would fall on our feet. You see, George Tiller had an adult size crematorium and all those babies would be thrown into that incinerator and their ashes would flow across Wichita, the smell of human flesh burning was everywhere around us.

My friend Karen and I would walk back and forth across the driveway reading the word when women weren't coming in.  The sword of the spirit would keep us focused on Christ amidst the absolute evil that surrounded us.  Another friend of mine, Don, would lead worship in front of this place of death because the praises of His people scatter the enemy.

I remember the day Christin Gilbert died, a down syndrome young girl who had been taken to Tiller's and died at the hands of none other then Leroy Carhart, one of the four being held in high esteem in this movie, and made out to be somewhat of a hero;  which is such a dichotomy as Christin is not the only woman Carhart has butchered along with the 1,000's of babies he has killed.  

Abortionists Leroy Carhart, George Tiller, Shelly Sella &Susan Robinson
prior to a dinner in Topeka thrown in honor by then Governor Sebellius.
 (Operation Rescue)
Yes, abortionist Carhart would drive down from Nebraska to perform abortions at Tiller's abortuary along with Shelly Sella and Susan Robinson flying in each month to also help along with the business of late term abortions.  Three out of the four abortionists in this film used to kill little human beings regularly at Tillers.

I feel at times that it was just a terrible nightmare what I saw at that place of death, but it wasn't, it really happened, I truly saw evil.

These four are not heros;  heros save lives, they don't brutally kill innocent human beings.  I like and agree with what Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue stated in a Fox interview, "After Tiller” is nothing more than a propaganda piece for late-term abortions.  The movie tries to portray them as caring people – even heroes – but the side I have seen of these people more resembles the persona of Kermit Gosnell than Albert Schweitzer,” she said. “In my opinion, they all belong in prison.”

No, I will never forget the ashes, ever, and for all the little baby boys and girls that lost their little lives at that abortuary, my heart cries, but my resolve remains strong to continue on being that voice for those who have no voice, pressing forward toward the day that unborn human beings will be protected. 

When I grow weary and tired, I will always remember the ashes, and this dear Lord I persevere for your precious little children.