Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm a Christian, and I've really prayed about this.......

There she stood in the short distance with her hoodie covering part of her face and her head down.

I could see her protruding stomach, knowing that she was well along in her pregnancy.

You see, it was later term abortion day at the awhc abortuary, and she wasn't there for a check-up, she was there to pay someone to end the life of the child developing in her womb.

I called over to her to please come down and talk with me;  I was actually surprised when she looked up and immediately headed toward me.

She was tall, pretty and had a beautiful smile that I could see was forced.

I asked her if she was here for an abortion, and she quickly said yes.  I asked her why she felt compelled to have an abortion and she said, "I was attacked, I can't keep this baby."  I told her that I understood her pain, and I didn't want to make light of the horrible situation, but I also let her know that having an abortion would only add more pain on top of the pain she was experiencing now.

I shared with her the story of Rebecca Keisling, a beautiful woman who was conceived in rape and now speaks out for the rights of others conceived in rape.  I also shared how we should never blame the innocent child for the sins of the father.

I asked her how old her baby was and she said around 4 months.  I then inquired if she had an ultrasound to see her baby and she said yes and that when she had the ultrasound it revealed the baby was missing an arm and that she had to have an abortion.  I told her that there were people that would love to adopt her baby know matter what.

She then shared with me the normal mantra we hear so often, "I'm a Christian, and I've really prayed about this and sought God on this, and I now know that HE understands."

After hearing those words, and feeling like I was in somewhat of a state of shock, I contained myself, and thought, "If she is going to talk about praying to God about killing this child, then I would speak to her with the word of God."

I looked at her and said, "If you are a Christian, you know what God says about killing right?  She put her head down and said yes.  I then said, "Thou shalt not kill."  I then showed her pictures of what her baby looked like, letting her know that her baby was completely developed with a beating heart, and his/her own blood type, organs, hair color, eye color.  And that know matter how this baby was conceived, and even if this baby was missing an arm, Jesus still loves that baby.

She then looked up at me with tears running down her cheeks and said, I know what you are saying, and you wouldn't believe the shirt I'm wearing underneath this hoodie.  She then proceeded to lift her hoodie up to show me her t-shirt; it was a Christian t-shirt with with Jesus written boldly across the front!  She said to me, "can you believe this?"  I really was so sad at this point, not only because of the Jesus t-shirt, but when she lifted her hoodie, I could really see even more her pregnant tummy; the baby in her womb was so big already!  I wanted to burst out crying at this point, so I just pleaded with her to do what God would want her to do, and that would be to trust Him with this child and the situation, not to kill her baby.

At this point, Melvin, the security guard came up to us and told the abortion bound mommy that they were calling her to come in.  She looked at me with tears still coming down her cheeks and didn't leave my side.  I told her I could take her right down the street to a wonderful pregnancy center where they could help her and get her everything she needed including some really good counseling.

Again, Melvin approached us alerting her that they were ready for her.  She looked at me, I pleaded again, letting her know I cared, that this, again, would bring more pain to her on top of the pain she is already experiencing.  Tears were falling on both of our faces now, but she was walking backward up the driveway, not taking her eyes off of mine, like a magnet drawn to this place of death.  I cried out to her to come back; she spoke loudly letting me know she hadn't made up her mind, whereas before she was so sure about getting the abortion.

I stayed alot longer that day, but by the time I had to leave, she was still inside.  I have continued to pray that maybe, just maybe she, at the last minute had the strength to let this little baby live.  I'll never know, unless she calls or I see her again.  All I can do now is pray that she really comes to know the true ways of the Savior, that she repents and gives her heart completely to Him, for He is the only truth in this lost and dying world.

Words can not express how I felt driving home that day, emptiness, sadness, but at the same time knowing that it is in Him that I have to put my full trust, for He is the one that opens eyes and sets the captive free.  I am only His messenger, sharing His word, the rest is in His hands, and in that I found peace.


  1. Wow Michele, that is intense! So many times we hear those lines about acceptance and forgiveness of God from the aborting parents, but to even come to the mill wearing a Jesus t-shirt! I pray for this young woman that she fled the building with her unborn child, never looking back and that she'll be in contact (or receive help somewhere) very soon.

  2. I have had that same feeling. Once, a young African American girl--maybe 18 years old--named Gina came to the abortion clinic on three separate occasions. I had prayed with her and she left each time--but the last. On that last sad occasion, Gina told us, "I have to do this." We didn't ever find out why? I wish I knew why. Was she the victim of incest and she wanted not to be reminded? Was she being sexually used and trafficked? Was she just alone and scared? I cried that day, after I saw Gina go into the clinic, and this time, not come out before my shift for prayer was up. We must have deep humility. This is in God's hands, not ours.

  3. Yes, that is the truth and that is where we find peace, knowing it is in God's hands!