Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Will Not Shout for the Abortions I Took Part In!

I've noticed a trend making it's way viral, and that is the hashtag #shoutyourabortion,

Well, let me get something straight, I WILL NOT SHOUT FOR THE ABORTIONS I TOOK PART IN!!!!!!

What I will shout about is how I was not a victim, that this very act  was sinful, selfish, and an act of murder.  Because of my utter rebellion and entering into a sinful lifestyle, little children lost their lives. 

And what I will never stop doing is praising my wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, for picking me up out of a deep pit of hell for the bloodshed I took part in.

I will always be thankful that HIS kindness led me to repentance, with weeping and sackcloth and
Nancy Miles with me as I weeped for my children at a
Memorial Service at New Covenant Church in 1991.

He washed me white as snow and I will never stop sharing HIM and HIS marvelous ways to a lost and dying world.

I will praise HIM for opening my eyes to HIS marvelous truth.  And I will never stop talking about how horrible abortion is, that it is an abomination before God Almighty and how very wrong I was for taking part in this bloodshed.

I will be there to try to rescue babies from impending death,

I will be a voice for the voiceless, and I will tirelessly continue to work toward  restoring personhood back to the unborn human beings.

I will press forward and keep my eyes on the prize of  seeing an end to this holocaust of abortion, I will settle for nothing less!

These aforementioned things are what I will shout about, and unashamedly!

I would encourage any of you, especially those of you in this battle that took part in this bloodshed, to come forward and share about it openly and make it known that you will not #shoutyourabortion/abortions!



  1. Do you ever hear from her and John? I remember those days Michele. I remember how broken you were during your healing days. God bless you Michele for being faithful. I know it has got to be hard even now when looking back. Praise the Lord He is our comfort and deliverer. Love you sister.

  2. I am with you, Sister! My story has lots of twists and turns, all riddled with sinful choices.. I have survived much, including placing one son for adoption, four babies lost to miscarriage and the choice to abort my daughter. When I tell my story, I do not talk about myself, but rather of Him who has Saved me. He has set this once-captive soul, Free! Grace now pulses through my veins where sin once lived. No more. He has pulled me from the mirey pit and made me New! I am a Child of the Most High! Praise God:) My conviction and purpose now is to love post-abortive Mamas to the Foot of the Cross and He will do the rest!

    May God Bless you!


  3. Amen Meg....how beautiful it is when we take our eyes off of ourselves and tell others of the miry pit Jesus Christ picked us up out of. Praise be to God....

  4. I love that you refuse to be a victim. It take courage.