Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I have to pay my electric bill, I have to have this abortion!

I'm always hearing the rhetoric from those who defend abortion spouting out that late term abortions don't exist...

Well....they should have been at the Planned Parenthood Orlando abortuary yesterday to witness an abortion bound young woman who had a scheduled appointment at this place of death who proclaims to perform abortions up to 22.5 weeks.

While ministering, we noticed a car park across the street, which is unusual as PP has a large parking
lot.  But than we noticed what appeared to be a mom and possibly a daughter get out of the vehicle who was visibly pregnant.

Amber, one of the sidewalk counselors, happened to be heading across the street, noticed that they were there, and began speaking with both of them, but after a few minutes, they began walking across the street with Amber trying to convince them not to 'go there.'

I went down to try to speak with them as they came across the street, and went right up to the young woman who looked to be in her third trimester, and asked, "Would you like some help, can we take you somewhere for real help?  You don't want to do this!"

She looked at me with absolute confusion, and fear in her eyes, and said right away, "Yes."

I then looked at her mother and asked if she could follow me, and she agreed.

I then walked back across the street with them, and we all got in our cars and they followed me to the pregnancy center.

When we arrived and approached the front desk at the center, the receptionist recognized the young lady, and said, "you are a client here aren't you?"  She then acknowledged yes that she was.

She was taken back into a beautiful counseling room, and thankfully I was able to go along with her.

The counselor lovingly spoke the truth with her for quite awhile, showing her videos of later term abortions, and showed her a fetal model of what her baby looks like, and let her hold it.

When asked what happened, (she had recently seen an ultrasound of her baby, clearly showing the arms legs, head and heartbeat), and why she was now thinking about this abortion, she responded, "I have to pay the electric bill."

She also shared that she was fearful, but the counselor reassured her that she is not alone, and there are many people to help her.  She also looked at her and said, "if you have the money for this abortion, you have money to pay your electric bill,"....she agreed, and you could see that she realized how foolish and wrong this was.

Later when looking at how far along the baby was, the counselor noticed that the baby is due in December....this child is 7 months along in her womb, and she was willing to go to Planned Parenthood because of an electric bill, and they were more than willing to kill this child.

After speaking with her, she realized that she would not, and could not kill her child!

This innocent little babe survived a horrendous and painful death yesterday!

The legal limit for abortions in Florida are 24 weeks...PP was willing to violate that law, but no surprise at all, because the abortion industry is all about money.

I am so thankful that we were there yesterday to help intervene on behalf of this baby, and so thankful for the pregnancy center we took her to, they were and are fantastic!

How beautiful are the hands and feet of Jesus!

So, the next time you hear someone spout off that late term abortions don't happen...yes, they do happen, and if not by the grace of the Lord God Almighty, this little one would have been sacrificed on the altar of choice yesterday!  Thank you Lord, to you be the Glory!  Hallejuah!

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