Saturday, November 5, 2016

I Know, But I Have To Do It!

There they were again, driving into the abortuary parking lot, then driving out and around the block, this, the third time around.  

We knew they were heading for this place of death, but probably convicted in their hearts, especially being that their front license plate said, 'In God We Trust'!

The fourth time around they pulled in, and parked in the back.  I ran around so that I could possibly speak with them when they got out of their car, which I began to do.  The young man accompanying the abortion bound woman came over and listened to my offers and pleas of help, taking the brochure I offered to him.  

At that point, the young lady got out of the car, and I began pleading with her, but realized she did not speak English, only Spanish, which I can not speak.

Anna in front of the awhc abortuary
Thank the Lord, my friend Anna who speaks Spanish fluently, who was also sidewalk counseling, came walking to the back and immediately began appealing to her, asking her to come over, which she did.  

For the next fifteen minutes Anna spoke, reasoned and pleaded with this woman who began crying as she explained that she knew this was murder that she was contemplating, and that God says thou shalt not kill.....but she had to do it, even though she proclaimed to love Christ!

Did you get that, I mean, did you really get that?  She was standing on the edge of a precipice, knowing good from evil, that God hates the hands that shed innocent blood, and choosing evil, because she thought that was the only way.

Anna continued to plead with her, even getting on her knees crying, it was surreal, that is the only way I can put it, just surreal! 

Here we were, Anna on her knees begging this woman to let her innocent and precious child live, with myself and another sidewalk counselor trying to figure out the words between the two...but knowing what was going on because of the tears, and the absolute battle going on in the eyes of the weeping abortion bound mama.

With all of our pleas with her, she began to walk toward the abortuary door.  Our hearts dropped, and we felt so helpless....a little child being led to the slaughter, knowing that this child would be dismembered, decapitated, disembowelled or poisoned in the womb, we wept.

We didn't give up though, as we went to the waiting room window and began speaking to her, and the other mama's waiting to have someone stop their innocent baby's heartbeat.

We sang hymns, worship songs; we prayed and cried out to God that HE would intervene on behalf of this woman's child and the other women.  We prayed that God would convict their hearts...we weeped.

But....we never saw her come out, and I don't know how it ended, except to think that that precious baby lost his or her life, and my heart ached and still aches.  I can only pray that, at the last minute she changed her mind.

In the end, we tried, and I don't ever think I will forget Anna on her knees begging this woman to not kill her baby, offering her help, telling her to go next door for free help, that there are so many people that wanted to help her.  No, I will never forget that, it will be etched on my mind forever.

We see women change their minds, but we also witness heartbreaking things such as this, but, I will praise my Savior, and ask HIM to heal my heart so that I can return to the killing fields and continue to try to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death; to try to be that voice for the voiceless and to expose this horrible evil.

And in that, I will continue to run the race with patience set before me, trusting and leaving the results to Him, and praise HIM even in the times when my heart is broken.

Can we weep for the children?

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