Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Revolving Door of has to stop!

While ministering at the abortuary the other day, a young man kept coming in and out of the center.  We tried talking to him, but he was vulgar, rude and unresponsive to our attempt to offer help to him and the young woman he brought to have an abortion.
This went on throughout the morning with several pleas of help and encouragement to be a hero, to be like the men on the titanic that gave up their seats for the women and children.  We encouraged him to protect his child and the woman that sat inside that mill.
Soon after, the young woman came out, I introduced myself and pleaded with her to come and speak with me, which she did!  She approached me with tears in her eyes, with brokeness and a yearning for help.  I began to talk with her letting her know that we were there to help her, I asked, "Are you here for an abortion?"  With eyes that could pierce a heart, she said, "I've already had it, I'm here for a check-up."  Her face fell and I said, "I know how you feel, not good, right?"  She responded quickly with a yes and said, this is my seventh abortion."  I then told her that when I was younger, I was like her and had multiple abortions.  I looked in her eyes and said, "It's got to stop, doesn't it?"  With tears, she quickly said yes!
I explained to her why we as women that have our first abortion end up entering into a revolving door of abortion....a  piece of us dies along with our child, we know it deep down inside.  We sometimes don't realize it, but we just don't care anymore.  Thus, we don't care about ourselves or anyone else, and in the end, little victims of abortion, the little baby boys and girls.
I shared with her my experience with abortion, the years of shame, guilt, regret, pain, agony, not caring about myself or anyone else and not knowing why.  But I also shared how I had come to a place of repentance and confessing my sin of abortion and my faith in Christ, and that was the reason I was alive today!  I said, "this you can do!"
This young woman was also a victim of domestic physical abuse, which we could understand clearly with the way her husband treated us.  We were able to give her information on where to go for her safety and encouraged her to start a new life TODAY!  I encouraged her to go through post abortion counseling and directed her to a center to get the help she needed.
If we as a people do not think that the women of America are not having multiple abortions like women in Russia, we are sadly mistaken.  Girls at 12 are coming for their first abortions and by the time they are twenty, if there is no intervention, that young woman has easily had up to ten abortions. This is common, COMMON!  Abortion has become birth control, and a haven for sex traffickers, child abusers and men that physically abuse women.
Truly, I pray for the day that the little child in the womb will have full protection, with their personhood restored.  I pray for the day that us women do not have the right to choose who lives and who dies.  I pray that this holocaust of abortion will end as the holocaust of the Jewish people ended.  
This is my prayer oh Lord!

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  1. I remember the young man she was with saying he already had kids(with another woman)and didn't want anymore. I really feel for this young lady and I pray she will free herself through Christ from this viscous cycle of abortion and self-abuse.